Black protester, 16, searched by police after being attacked by far-right activists

23 June 2020, 17:37 | Updated: 23 June 2020, 17:40

Black teen, 16, stopped and searched after being attacked
Black teen, 16, stopped and searched after being attacked. Picture: Getty

A teenager named Gerard was stopped and searched in London after seeking help from police after being attacked by far-right activists.

Following the death of George Floyd In America, Black Lives Matter protest were sparked all over the world, but recently in London one black teenager was attacked by far-right activists.

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After seeking out help from the police for his injuries, the 16-year-old was instead stopped and searched, despite being clearly injured with a cut face after being glassed,

Far-Right Protesters React To Anti-Racism Demonstrations
Far-Right Protesters React To Anti-Racism Demonstrations. Picture: Getty

The teenager, known only as Gerard, spoke to Channel 4 about the shocking incident and claimed that the police were wary of him despite his obvious injuries.

After finding police and informing them that he didn't feel safe after being attacked, Gerard says he asked an officer, "Can you escort me to anywhere I can be safe, perhaps like an ambulance tent?".

Gerard then said that the officer told him he had to go and help the rest of his team, before some officers eventually checked the teen over for injuries and then searched him.

Gerard explained, "They did at least try and talk me through it and look for injuries, but he also stopped and searched me. He seemed a bit wary of me at the same time".

Gerard's mother also spoke to Channel 4 and she said, "Who would have missed the blood? Had that been a 16-year-old white boy would that child have been ignored? If you can go to a police officer bleeding, asking for help, you left him … saying you were going to help your colleagues.’

The 16-year-old revealed that he'd been worried about being at the protest after finding out the official Black Lives Matter gathering had been cancelled afte rhe'd already arrived, due to reports that far-right activists were planning to swarm the capital.

Gerard said he was approached by "a whole mob of what appeared to be far-right supporters" but despite telling them that he wasn't a part of the protest they attacked him before a bystander got him to safety.

Far-Right supporter carried to safety by Black Lives Matter supporter
Far-Right supporter carried to safety by Black Lives Matter supporter. Picture: Getty

According to Metro, a spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed Gerard had approached them with a facial injury and reported being attacked by a group of men. They said the officers he spoke to were ‘actively engaged in the police operation to deal with the violent incidents seeking medical assistance’.

The statement also claimed that a section 60 order was in place and that officers were given the power to stop and search those they believed to be involved in violence.

After the attack on Gerard came to light the Met’s Assistant Deputy Commissioner Amanda Pearson revealed that an investigation was underway.

She said, "This incident is being fully investigated by our officers. Detailed analysis of CCTV is being carried out to identify those involved. We will of course keep the victim and his family fully updated with the progress of this investigation."

The statement does not reference the fact that Gerard was searched after seeking the police's help.

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