Black Lives Matter: 12 self-care tips to protect your mental health during this time

23 June 2020, 17:31 | Updated: 23 June 2020, 17:36

Self-care tips to ease your mind and body during a challenging time
Self-care tips to ease your mind and body during a challenging time. Picture: Getty

During times like these, you deserve time to delve into some self-care. We've got 12 tips to make that journey easier for you.

As #blacklivesmatter has been a powerful worldwide movement for some time, it has gained more momentum after the recent killing of George Floyd.

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We have seen activists, celebrities, businesses and the general public, from all over the world, helping to tackle racism and create change.

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Whether it's through raising awareness, donating, protesting or other forms of support, we all have one long term mission – that is to fight against racism and injustice for black people.

People worldwide have fought against the deeply embedded socio-political issues racism produces for years, and now the fight has just become more impactful.

The covert and overt racism, the systemic and institutional ways minorities are mistreated is unfair and unjust.

While the fight is essential and contributes to making people pay attention to the struggles minorities face, it can be an exhausting experience.

Nourish your mind, soul and body
Nourish your mind, soul and body. Picture: Getty

At a time where you are physically, mentally and emotionally drained and your well-being has taken a dip, it's important to take care of yourself and nourish your body.

Sometimes you cannot bear but to put your phone down, due to the countless posts on social media. 

Sometimes you don’t feel you have it in you to talk to your family, friends and work colleagues. Sometimes you genuinely need a break, and that is TOTALLY okay!  

It doesn’t mean that your fight is less meaningful or your stance has quivered. What it does mean, is that you are tired. It’s understandable and you are well within your rights to feel that way.

So, in order to help ease your mind, Capital XTRA have come up with several self-care tips to guide people who are struggling during this time.

Spend quality time with your loved ones
Spend quality time with your loved ones. Picture: Getty


-Social support is key during times like these. Keep in contact with people who bring you happiness

-Fitness is a great way to help channel your emotions and focus your mind and body in the present. 

-Create a tidy and clear environment. Declutter if you feel your surrounding space is too busy.

-Care for your personal hygiene 

-Make ‘you time’ to do the things you enjoy 

-Positive affirmations

-Journaling (writing down thoughts and feelings) can be a great sense of relief and a way to release emotions.

-Practicing meditation, breathing, stretching

-Limit social media intake 

-Talk to an affirming counsellor or therapist. 

-Be gentle with yourself 

-Know your capacity and listen to your body when a break is needed

Amongst our main self-care tips, we acknowledge there are spiritual cleaning practices that may help you. For further information, other black-owned businesses who focus on self-care have been linked below.


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We hope this helped kick start or continue your self-care journey during this difficult time.

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