Rihanna 'drops Ari Fletcher from Savage Fenty partnership' over domestic abuse comments

10 January 2022, 17:32 | Updated: 10 January 2022, 17:36

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After being slammed for her recent comments on a podcast, Ari Fletcher has reportedly had her Savage X Fenty ambassador brand deal dropped by Rihanna

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Rihanna has reportedly cut Ari Fletcher's Savage x Fenty ambassador brand deal after she made disturbing comments about domestic violence on a recent podcast.

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After fans noticed that Ari was no longer visible on the lingerie website, speculation grew on Twitter that she had been removed from her deal.

This comes after she doubled down on her comments during an IG live, telling her followers that she simply didn’t care about domestic violence victims.

Instantly pointing it out on Twitter, fans praised Rihanna for her actions with one fan commenting:

"Rihanna snatching Ari Fletcher’s Savage X Fenty sponsorship because Ari told domestic violence victims “we don’t care” is truly the highlight of my day. Ari literally went on Instagram Live to say she doesn’t care about DV victims’ trauma. But, guess who does care Ari: Rihanna".

Another person wrote: “Is Ari Fletcher not embarrased? Now Rihanna hates you.”

Ari Fletcher's Players Club Birthday Party
Ari Fletcher's Players Club Birthday Party. Picture: Getty

During her appearance on the Don’t Call Me White Girl Podcast, Ari revealed that she wasn’t always the best partner to be with in previous relationships.

She also mentioned how she would frequently throw tantrums and act as if she was about to leave in the hopes of her significant other pulling a pistol on her to force her to stay.

"Like, pull your gun out and show me like, 'bitch leave. I wish you would walk out the door" she commented, telling the host.

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Instantly receiving backlash from her comments, fans dragged Ari all over social media.

One person commented: "It’s all fun and games until it happens to you… I pray that the women going through this make it out safe because many don’t".

Christina Milian responded to her comments, sharing her own thoughts saying: "Whoa.. hadn’t seen that til now. Those are hurtful words" she commented underneath The Neighborhood Talk’s post.

"Trust.. I’ve been in an abusive relationship before and I promise you.. you do not want a gun pulled on or pointed at you. It’s the scariest thing you can experience amongst the slew of a million other crazy things you can experience in that type of relationship…I’m sorry to the women who have experienced this or are in this".

This is not the first time Rihanna has snatched someone's Savage Fenty contract after they made jokes domestic violence.

Model and former Basketball Wives star Draya Michele had her contract cut back in 2020 after she appeared on the Wine and Weed Podcast, joking about Megan Thee Stallion allegedly being shot by Tory Lanez, downplaying and romanticising the incident.

"I predict that they had some sort of Bobby and Whitney love that drove them down this… type of road" she commented. "I’m here for it. I like that. I want you to like me so much you shoot me in the foot, too".

Last month, Draya took to social media, praying for her Savage X Fenty sponsorship back saying: "I would like my @savagefenty deal back in 2022. Just wishful thinking".

“The thing about it is I’m human and I make mistakes but the only difference between me and everyone else is my mistakes were made in front of the world as well as my consequences” she commented.

"I learned a lot from this experience and I was adamant about making sure my apology was as loud as a harmful comment. I played myself, made triggering comments, was reprimanded, and apologized for All in front of all of y’all. That’s growth. Bouncing back".

Draya Michele at the 2019 BET Awards
Draya Michele at the 2019 BET Awards. Picture: Getty

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