Nicki Minaj Says She Wanted To Punch Travis Scott “In His F***ing Face” Over Album Beef

4 September 2018, 11:07 | Updated: 4 September 2018, 12:45

Minaj's new album 'Queen' was knocked off the top spot by Scott.

Nicki Minaj has opened up about her beef with Travis Scott following their recent feud over album sales.

Speaking on The Ellen Show, the 'Queen' rapstress said she wanted to "punch [Scott] in the f**king face" after his album 'Astroworld' beat her new record to the top of the charts.

Despite the social media storm that ensued, Minaj claims she wasn't "upset or angry" about the situation, which saw her put Kylie Jenner's boyfriend on blast last month during her 'Queen Radio' show.

"It's just that when you have a number two album to someone who is selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that's not even announced yet, it feels like you're being tricked," the Queens native told Ellen.

"It feels like someone is playing a game and like beating you at a game opposed to just selling music."

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Nicki went on to claim that Scott "didn't have the number one album," saying: "'Queen' was the number one album and by the way, I lost out on 12 hours of sales in my first week because it was a secret album."

Later on, Minaj added that she is "the most grateful person in the world" following her new album's success, but mentioned she doesn't like to be ganged up on.

"I don't like being bullied and I don't like being taken advantage of, and sometimes people use scare tactics against you because especially as a black woman, people will call you angry or bitter," she said.

"So now it's almost like we're not allowed to defend ourselves or stand up for ourselves, and I'm not going to have that."

The rapstress has since been knocked down to third place behind 'Astroworld' and 'Sweetener', the new studio album from Minaj's friend and frequent collaborator Ariana Grande.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicki confirmed that she's currently dating two men after being single for the first time in two decades, shortly after hailing Eminem as her "husband".

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