What happened between Funk Flex and Nicki Minaj? Explained

12 August 2022, 13:09

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DJ Funk Flex and rapper Nicki Minaj have been caught in a feud over her new music.

Nicki Minaj and DJ Funk Flex seemed to get in hot water over the release of Nicki's new song 'Super Freaky Girl'.

The New York DJ threatened to release the song ahead of time on his radio show on Hot 97 at 7pm instead of the scheduled time of midnight.

Nicki's song is now out and was not released early by the DJ.

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The DJ threatened to release Nicki Minaj's new song.
The DJ threatened to release Nicki Minaj's new song. Picture: Instagram

The pair have had a rocky relationship for years, dating back to 2018 after they feuded after he called out Nicki for using ghostwriters on her music.

Her new song 'Super Freaky Girl' samples the 1981 Rick James track 'Super Freak', and she had teased its release for quite some time.

On his Instagram story, Funk Flex shared a message to threaten to release the song early.

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Funk Flex is a New York DJ
Funk Flex is a New York DJ. Picture: Getty Images

“I hope this doesn’t set us back! I feel our relationship is so much better! I had to get the song. You stop responding in the DM @hot97 7 PM! Tonight!” he wrote.

He also shared Republic Records' response from his plan to release the song early, as they were annoyed at him for wanting to play the song early.

“@republicrecords is upset at me! I’m playing @nickiminaj tonight! No more passes! I gave @khaled a pass last week! NO MORE!” he said.

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Nicki and Funk Flex have had a rocky relationship.
Nicki and Funk Flex have had a rocky relationship. Picture: Getty Images

The rift seems to be ongoing, after the DJ addressed her fanbase: "This song is crazy! New @nickiminaj…Love u Nicki! Barbs I love y’all," he said.

Nicki has not directly responded to Funk Flex, however she did hint in a tweet that she was agitated with a mystery person.

'Tonight I’ll also give away the #MumblingAndCackling award plus #SecretObsessedHater award. That one will be a blind item that you’ll have to guess the actual name #QueenRadio #SuperFreakyGirl I’ll also give out the #BozoBlog award & if I’m feeling rlly zesty I’ll give out', Nicki tweeted on her account.

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