Kanye West reveals a Donda 'foam car' concept

6 July 2022, 11:09

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It is the latest project in Kanye's list of industries to conquer.

From music to shoes, Kanye West has tried his hand at almost everything. Now, he is attempting to conquer the motor industry with a concept of a 'foam car'.

DONDA, which is named after his late mother, is a creative company and shares the name with his tenth studio album.

Kanye West and his daughter, North
Kanye West and his daughter, North. Picture: Getty Images

Summarised by VH1 but from the mouth of West, DONDA "galvanizes amazing thinkers in a creative space to bounce their dreams and ideas" with the "goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford."

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Kanye West at the 2022 BET awards
Kanye West at the 2022 BET awards. Picture: Getty Images

Donda tagged their reveal by also announcing Steven Smith as their newly appointed Head of Industrial Design.

An official image posted on Twitter features a rough sketch of the vehicles side view.

The car's wheels are huge and the car is a fair height above the ground.

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The statement for the DONDA Foam Concept car reads: "Donda Foam Vehicle, Conceptualized, Designed, Manufactured in the United States, Amen."

The foam material raises questions as to how the car could possibly be constructed, as opposed to typical materials like metal.

Whether the car will enter production is another question, as some of the rapper's ventures have been successful and others have not.

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