Pusha T reignites Drake beef with 'diss' on leaked Pop Smoke song

6 July 2020, 16:49

Pusha T ‘Calls Out Drake’ After On Stage Attack At Toronto Show

Hip Hop fans are claiming that Pusha T is sending for Drake yet again on a newly leaked Pop Smoke song.

By Matt Tarr

When it comes to Drake and Pusha T's beef, the American rapper revealing to the world that his Canadian counterpart had a secret son will always be the most talked-about moment.

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But after it appeared the pair's ongoing feud had died down, a Pusha T feature on a leaked Pop Smoke track emerged and has once again fuelled the fires of the unsavoury feeling between himself and Drake.

Pusha T called out Drake on a leaked Pop Smoke song
Pusha T called out Drake on a leaked Pop Smoke song. Picture: Getty

In the song, titled 'Paranoia', Pusha T can be heard taking several apparent swipes at Drake as he raps, "You know reality bites / It's chess not checkers / Those empty threats only sound good on your records / If the patois is not followed by blocka / It's like marked for death Screwface, without the choppa / Let 'em rush the stage when you made like Sinatra".

Fans have claimed these initial lines are a reference to an incident back in 2018 when a group of men rushed onto the stage at a Pusha T show in Drake's hometown of Toronto, whilst the rapper is also known for his use of regional patois, adding further weight to the claims.

Pusha T goes on to rap, "Only to find the blade, flyin' back through LaGuardia / I might even buy a home out in Mississauga," with Mississauga being located just outside of Drake's hometown.

Pusha T and Drake's beef has reignited after this new leaked Pop Smoke song
Pusha T and Drake's beef has reignited after this new leaked Pop Smoke song. Picture: Getty

According to Steven Victor, the head of Pop Smoke's label Victor Victor Worldwide, the song was originally supposed to be included on the 'Dior' rapper's posthumous debut album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, but a glitch caused it to be missed off.

Responding to a comment on Instagram which asked why the song had been dropped, Victor said, "glitch will be on ASAP".

Neither Pusha T nor Drake have yet responded to the leaked song but if it's about to be added to Pop Smoke's debut album then this is unlikely to be the last we hear of it for a while.

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