Offset Addresses Cardi B Backlash After Shock Video Confession Resurfaced

29 March 2019, 11:46

Offset Addresses Cardi B&squot;s Resurfaced Video Revealing She "Drugged" And "Robbed" Men
Offset Addresses Cardi B's Resurfaced Video Revealing She "Drugged" And "Robbed" Men. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Offset takes to social media to address #SurvivingCardiB after an old Instagram Live video of the star resurfaces...

Cardi B recently found her old videos coming back to haunt her, after making an Instagram Live three years ago confessing to drugging and robbing men. Many fans are shocked and disappointed in cards, however, are able to commend her on being honest and apologising.

Cardi B 'Victim' Speaks Out After Rapper Admitted 'Drugging and Robbing' Men in Video

After the video resurfaced, an alleged first victim of #SurvivingCardiB spoke out. However, Kevin Smith, the victim, allegedly said it was a joke that went "too far".

Although many people have turned against Cardi following the shocking experiences of her past, there's one person who is declaring to be by her side forever.

Taking to Instagram, the Father Of 4 rapper shared a picture of the couple on vacation, and wrote a heartfelt caption of undying loyalty.

Just yesterday (Mar 27th), Offset wrote "RIDE OR DIE FOREVER,"underneath his Instagram post of him and Cardi.

The 27 year-old rapper continued:


Despite Cardi's experiences and mistakes, Offset is down for the ride and professes his loyalty to Cardi. Offset also has had a complicated past, that Cardi B has embraced. So it seems like it's an eye for an eye situation.

Offset revealed that he grew up in an underprivileged area where crime rates were high. This is a reason why he can sympathise with Cardi B's "hustle". He doesn't seem fazed by Cardi's previousactions, the same way she remains unfazed by his own.

Many fans professed anger and disappointment in Cardi B, while others defended Cardi and commended her for being apologetic. After being compared to Bill Cosby and R. Kelly, it's safe to say that Cardi is going through a trying time, but she seems to be dealing with it well.

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