50 Cent accused of "snitching" after French Montana leaks court documents

9 January 2020, 11:53 | Updated: 9 January 2020, 14:19

French Montana exposes 50 Cent as a "snitch" with legal paperwork
French Montana exposes 50 Cent as a "snitch" with legal paperwork. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Rapper French Montana has revealed court documents alleging that 50 Cent is an "informant" in a new post.

French Montana has escalated his recent beef with 50 Cent with serious accusations, while exposing legal paperwork alleging Fif is an informant. 

French Montana trolls 50 Cent with alleged photo of him "kissing Eminem"

The beef began when 50 Cent threw shade at French's Bugatti Veyron, which he claimed was an older model. Fif then lead on to claim French was faking his streaming figures.

However, French has been holding his own and has not backed down to the ultimate king of trolling, 50 Cent.

After clapping back with several "dinosaur" videos, French has hit back at the notorious troll with a shocking post on Instagram.

In his most recent update, French claims 50 Cent is a "snitch". He begins "Where I'm from it doesn't get no worse than this," French started his lengthy all-caps post, which includes paperwork that he insists backs up his claims.

"A real life Rat. WOWWWW 59 is a government informant and here's the paper work to prove it!!! I swear this my last post. This beef is over. He already called the system on me!! I had to put the nail in the coffin."

The 35-year-old rapper continued "How can you support anything this guy do. Like father like son. His name is highlighted just incase you can't find the dinosaur."

In the documents leaked by French, the video displays 50's real name "Curtis Jackson" labelled as an informant. Additionally, French put the posts location tag as "GET EM Locked UP."

Last year, Ja Rule also accused 50 Cent of being a snitch during their lengthy beef.

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