YNW Melly's 'Dangerously In Love' Removed From YouTube Whilst Rapper Awaits Murder Trial Date

12 April 2019, 17:07

YNW Melly's song 'Dangerously In Love' removed after leak
YNW Melly's song 'Dangerously In Love' removed after leak. Picture: Instagram

YNW Melly is currently awaiting a court date to be set after he was arrested for the alleged murder of two of his friends and now one of his songs has been removed from YouTube.

Rapper YNW Melly was arrested earlier this year for the alleged murder of his two friends YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.) - and now one of his songs has been removed from YouTube.

> YNW Melly's Lawyer Claims 'Murder On My Mind' Lyrics Will Be Used In Court During Murder Trial

Whilst YNW Melly has been in prison his song 'Murder On My Mind' hit the top of the Billboard charts but recently a song called 'Dangerously In Love' surfaced and was swiftly deleted from YouTube.

According to Genius, YNW Melly's previously unreleased 'Dangerously In Love' initially leaked on 9th April 2019 and is "a track that features Melly reflecting on his relationship with a girl."

"The first half of the song deals with Melly contemplating on the state of their relationship as he stays locked in jail, whereas the second half deals with the aftermath of being released."

But as quickly as it arrived, 'Dangerously In Love' was removed from YouTube, Soundcloud and a number of other platforms adding weight to the claims that the songs was an unofficial leak.

YNW Melly's lawyer recently spoke out and claimed he was concerened that the Kany West-collaborator's lyrics to his song 'Murder On My Mind' would be used against him in court.

Lawyer Jason Roger Williams told XXL, "It’s unclear, but [lyrics have] certainly been a large part of what has come from that office right now. They have not used lyrics in court yet, but that seems to be the plan based on what we’ve heard so far."

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