Who is Omer Majid? YouTuber breaks into Love Island Majorca villa

8 July 2021, 15:23

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Omer Majid reportedly broke into the Love Island Majorca villa, posing a security threat – but who is he? And what does he do?

Love Island fans are shocked after news that YouTuber Omer Majid broke into the Majorca villa. He had hoped to record footage and use it to go viral.

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The video captured from the security breach shows a vlogger, Omer Majid, recording himself crawling through the Majorcan property.

The Love Island villa intruder has spoken out after ITV security breach.
The Love Island villa intruder has spoken out after ITV security breach. Picture: Shuttershock

In the video, a voice can be heard shouting “you’re trespassing” at which point Majid is pictured being escorted off the villa premises.

It does not appear that Majid was able to gain access to get inside of the villa, where the contestants were located.

Since he was escorted off the premises, Omer has revealed how he managed to breach the security around the villa to the Daily Star.

Speaking to the publication, Majid said he had been planning his route into the Majorca villa for days.

Omer told the publication: "I planned it for a while. I literally flew here just to do that from the UK."I found the area vicinity through internet searches.

Omer Majid
Omer Majid. Picture: Instagram

"Then I drove around for about five hours the day before scouting the location trying to find an entry."

He added: “It was really secure to be honest. They had people patrolling all the time and watch towers.

"But then I found a possible way in via the trees and hills."

A Love Island spokeswoman said: “A security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the villa with immediate effect.

"The safety of both our islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern."
But who is Omer Majid? What is he famous for?

  1. Who is Omer Majid?

    Omer Majid ia a popular YouTube prankster, who's account boasts over whopping 12.7k subscribers.

    His YouTube channel hosts a number of different prank videos.

    Omer Majid
    Omer Majid. Picture: YouTube

    In a popular video 'Fake Health Inspector' in which Omer and a companion both wear hi-vis jackets to trick the staff at a Prezzo restaurant into thinking they're there to do a random inspection.

    However, after flirting with a customer and feigning an argument with his 'colleague', Omer realises they're serious is up and tells his companion: "We need to get out now" much to the anger of the restaurant staff.

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    Other titles on the channel include: 'Will you subscribe to my Only Fans prank?' and 'How I got free stuff from luxury stores in London'.

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