Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua fight: date, tickets, venue and more

27 September 2022, 10:36 | Updated: 27 September 2022, 10:37

Tommy Fury proud as Tyson retains his title in Las Vegas

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will be fighting in the biggest British boxing match in history.

UPDATE: 27/9/22

Tyson Fury has revealed that his fight with rival Anthony Joshua in December has been called off after the self-imposed deadline to sign a contract was missed.

Fury set the deadline of Monday 26 September to arrange the match, however AJ's promoter Eddie Hearn responded to say that there was "no chance" that the contract would be signed by then.

The boxer has called out AJ's refusal to sign on Instagram in a series of stories: "Well guys, it's official. D-day has come and gone. It's gone past five o'clock, Monday. No contract has been signed."

Tyson Fury hit out at Anthony Joshua on his Instagram stories.
Tyson Fury hit out at Anthony Joshua on his Instagram stories. Picture: Instagram

He continued: "It's officially over for Joshua. He is now out in the cold with the wolf pack. Forget about it. Always knew you didn't have the minerals to fight the 'Gypsy King'."

AJ hit out at Fury, and put it down to legal problems as to why he couldn't accept the fight.

"It ain't in my hands, it's with a legal team," Joshua said on Instagram. "That's why you hire lawyers."

Anthony Joshua pictured recently modelling at Milan Fashion Week.
Anthony Joshua pictured recently modelling at Milan Fashion Week. Picture: Getty Images

Anthony Joshua has accepted Tyson Fury's offer to fight in what will be the biggest fight in British boxing history.

Tyson tweeted saying "lets give the fanz what they want" and challenged AJ to a boxing match.

AJ replied saying that he will be "ready in December", and here's all we know.

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  1. What has been said about the fight?

    Tyson Fury's promoter Bob Arum has made a statement regarding the fight, saying that he is skeptical that it will take place, but Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn has insisted that negotiations are still ongoing.

    "We're going to try to get an opponent for Tyson Fury - Joshua or somebody else - and make sure he gets in the ring this year.

    "Eddie Hearn is just talking. Eddie Hearn, if he wanted to make the fight, he knows me well enough and knows I'm over here - he knows the Warrens. We haven't really heard from Eddie Hearn; he's really good at making statements to the press and television, but he's not - I don't think - anxious to make this fight."

    Tyson Fury is a twice world champion boxer.
    Tyson Fury is a twice world champion boxer. Picture: Getty Images

    Fury has been vocal on social media, and has called out Joshua publicly: "AJ, I haven't heard from you at all."

    "This is it now AJ, Eddie, don't get scared now. Agree to the fight and lets give the fans what they want.

    "I've give you an unbelievable deal and an unbelievable opportunity, so let's go. Go time. Show time."

  2. When is it taking place?

    Anthony Joshua has 'agreed terms' to fight Tyson Fury on the 3rd December, according to his management team.

    The super fight between the British heavyweights has now moved closer to what has been years in the making.

  3. Who will be fighting?

    So far, it will be Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua fighting.

    Fury is a world heavyweight champion, and is the older brother of Love Islander Tommy Fury.

    AJ is a fellow British boxer, and won the Olympic gold in 2012.

    Tyson Fury is known as "The Gypsy King" in the boxing world.
    Tyson Fury is known as "The Gypsy King" in the boxing world. Picture: Getty Images
    AJ pictured at a boxing match.
    AJ pictured at a boxing match. Picture: Getty Images
  4. How can I get tickets?

    A venue and date for the boxing is yet to be announced, however it is likely to be in London.

    Some popular venues for notable boxing matches include the 02 Arena in London, and it is likely that the event will take place there.

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