Summer Walker gets matching face tattoo with new boyfriend

23 November 2021, 13:10

Summer Walker announces second album will be released in November

Telling her fans 'this is the happiest she's ever been in her whole life', Summer Walker is claiming her new boo by getting his name tattoo'd on her face

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Summer Walker is officially over London On Da Track and onto a new man.

Posting a video on her Instagram, the Ex For A Reason singer appears to be showing off her new face tattoo alongside her boyfriend Larry aka Lvrd Pharoh.

Getting each other's names tattoo'd on their faces, the singer seems to be happier than ever and we love that for her!

London On Da Track throws shade at Summer Walker over new album

Telling her fans that the "moral of the story is: (if you listened to my album) learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, heal, find happiness and most importantly Move On 🖤" in her next post, she says:

"It's funny how life works... I never thought right after experiencing the lowest point in my life I'd be the happiest I ever been in my whole life. God is good 🖤".

Just last month, Summer posted several pictures of her new man on her IG, captioning it:

"So grateful to have this man. he just increases my over all quality of life" she said. "I’ve never had someone put me & my child first before everything. To not have to lift a finger , for someone to truly be emotionally & spiritually intelligent & invested in me. It’s new & it’s nice."

Her new tats have stirred up some controversy on social media, with her fans and others chiming in on her new tattoos, with some calling her choice "silly" and others saying it completely "devaluates the point of her album".

One fan wrote: "Being a summer walker fan is like being an arsenal supporter, everyday disappointment".

Another fan commented: "Summer Walker just got a tattoo of her n**** name like girl LMFAOOOOOO clearly your album ain’t teach you sh*t 😂😂😂😂😂".

A third fan said: "Summer Walker is 25 1/2 meaning her prefrontal cortex is fully developed by this point. So she may just be slow her whole life idk".

Earlier this month, Summer released her highly-anticipated second studio album Still Over It letting it be known to her fans and women worldwide that we are no longer normalising toxic relationships and seeing a red flag for what it truly is... a red flag!

The 20 track album includes features Cardi B, SZA, Lil' Durk, Ari Lennox and Omarion. The album was centred around her break-up with producer London On Da Track.

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