Kim Kardashian Suffers Emotional Breakdown In Mexico Amid Fears For Her Safety

6 October 2017, 13:02

The reality star felt uneasy during her vacation.

A year after her infamous Paris robbery, Kim Kardashian has admitted she still fears for her safety after suffering an emotional breakdown during a recent holiday.

In a teaser for 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', the reality star sobs down the phone to a friend whilst in Mexico to celebrate the birthday of her sister, Kourtney.

"I just have anxiety," she cries. "Are you sure it's safe here?"

"Yeah, it’s safe there, I promise you,” her friend, Francis, reassures her. "I went through the same thing, I promise you it’s safe. I have my kids there. It’s safe."

Kim appears deeply traumatised by last October's incident, which saw the mother-of-two tied up and robbed of million dollars of jewellery at gunpoint.

"Ever since Paris, I just go through this worst-case-scenario mode in my head,” she says, "I was so excited to come on this trip, and I had no idea that I was going to end up feeling this way."

"But it hit me right as we were getting off the plane that all these people at the airport are going to see 17 or 18 girls with all of our Chanel bags and Louis Vuitton, and it just hit me."

The businesswoman added that she felt the group were "the biggest target ever,", before questioning whether she should have gone on vacation in the first place.

Meanwhile, reports claim Kim recently received an alleged apology letter from the person behind the 2016 robbery.

The reality star, who is expecting her third child with Kanye West via a surrogate, avoided Paris Fashion Week this year following the heist.

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