Kevin Hart praised for "ageing with grace" as he shows off new grey hair

3 March 2020, 11:12

Kevin Hart praised for embracing new grey hair
Kevin Hart praised for embracing new grey hair. Picture: Getty

Comedian Kevin Hart has been praised by fans for ageing gracefully as he showed off a new look whilst on stage at a live show recently.

When it comes to staying young celebs often try anything to keep their youthful looks, however 40-year-old comedian Kevin Hart has decided to embrace getting older by revealing a brand new grey-haired look on stage.

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Posting a picture of himself performing on stage to his Instagram account, Kevin wrote, 'When I put my mind to something I’m dangerous....Focusing on this next hour of material people. Loving every moment of getting back on stage...'.

The 'Jumanji' star also used the hashtag '#GreyHairDontCare' alongside the picture, embracing his new look and impressing his fans in doing so.

Celebrating his decision not to hide his grey hairs, one Kevin Hart fan took to Twitter and said, 'First of all have y’all seen how handsome @KevinHart4real looks with them grey hairs coming in. He is definitely aging with grace here.'

Others filled his Instagram positive comments with one person writing, 'u look AWESOME', whilst another added, 'Lookin good man! Proud of you Kev for all you persevered through!'.

Kevin Hart was famously involved in a car accident back in 2019 and took a step away from the spotlight as he went through a recovery from the injuries he sustained in the crash.

The comedian is clearly excited to step back into the spotlight and get back out in front of his fans as he embarks on a new comedy tour and he's doing it with all the style we'd expect him to.

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