Jordyn Woods Attacks Bloggers Over 'Response' To Kylie Jenner’s Girls' Trip In New Post

18 July 2019, 12:20 | Updated: 5 October 2020, 12:52

Jordyn Woods has spoken out about her 'response' to Kylie Jenner's trip
Jordyn Woods has spoken out about her 'response' to Kylie Jenner's trip. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Kylie Jenner's Ex-BFF Jordyn Woods responded to blog reports that claimed she is "unbothered" about Kylie's girl trip.

Jordyn Woods has taken to Twitter to shut down gossip blogs for writing inaccurate information about her "response" to Kylie Jenner's girl trip.

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For the past week, Kylie Jenner has been on a lavish vacation in Turk's and Caicos with her girls in celebration of the launch of her newest Kylie Skin products.

After Kylie flooded her Instagram with beautiful photos, an article was written by a website. The article claimed an alleged "source" revealed that Jordyn wasn't "harping on what could’ve been had she not hooked up with Tristan Thompson."

The story alleged that Jordyn is open to reconciling with Kylie, however if she wasn't up for it, Jordyn wouldn't be bothered either way.

After seeing several reports, Jordyn took to Twitter to question why publications are claiming she had never even spoken to anyone about Tristan Thompson.

She wrote "We need to publicize better headlines.." began the post, "who’s writes the articles? who decides what is posted on blogs?" Woods continued. 

"And why is there a new story every other day explaining 'how I feel' about something I’ve never spoken to anyone about?" wrote Jordyn on Twitter.

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