DMX best songs: From 'Ruff Ryders Anthem' to 'Party Up'

23 April 2021, 16:52

Here's a playlist of some of DMX's best songs, including hits such as "'X Gon Give It To Ya" and "Get It On The Floor".

DMX is one of hip-hop's most prolific rappers, leaving a major legacy behind, following his unfortunate death on Friday (Apr 9).

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The musician, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is known to be one of the leading instrumental figures within hip-hop music and culture.

He also fronted one of the biggest record labels, Ruff Ryders, on his road to enormous success.

DMX passed away following a subsequent heart attack on Friday (Apr 9).
DMX passed away following a subsequent heart attack on Friday (Apr 9). Picture: Getty

The New York artist began to rise to fame in the ‘90s and ‘00s, bringing his unique horse vocals and rough talking style of rapping.

Until this very day, many artists are inspired by everything the rapper offered to the scene, such as his style, lyricism, vicious tone, harsh vocals and more.

The rapper's unique flare made him the hottest star at Def Jam in his era, surpassing even Jay-Z at one point.

DMX gained five Number One albums in a row – from 1998’s classic ‘It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot’ to 2003’s superlative ‘Grand Champ’.

This major achievement hasn't been done by another rapper to this day. 'X made history.

Here's to DMX, a playlist of DMX's best songs, which showed off his musical talents and gained him legendary status.

  1. DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem

  2. DMX - 'X Gon Give It To Ya

  3. DMX - Party Up

  4. DMX - What's My Name

  5. DMX - What These B*tches Want

  6. The LOX, ‘Money, Power, Respect’ (feat. Lil Kim and DMX)

  7. DMX - Get It On The Floor (Ft Swizz Beatz)

  8. DMX - We Right Here

  9. DMX - Dogs Out

  10. DMX - Who We Be

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