Digga D's Instagram Account Disappears Leaving Fans Confused

29 August 2019, 15:35 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 17:17

Digga D's Instagram account has been removed
Digga D's Instagram account has been removed. Picture: Instagram

The 'No Diet' rapper's Instagram account was seemingly deleted out of the blue.

UK Drill rapper Digga D has had a rollercoaster year in 2019. The 'I Heard' star found a fan in Hollywood actor Zac Efron and his 'Double Tap Diaries' project hit the top 20 on the UK charts, but Digga D also spent time in prison just before the project was released.

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But following a year that has also seen a number of UK Drill rap music videos removed from YouTube by British Police, Digga D's Instagram account has disappeared.

Digga D's Instagram account has been removed
Digga D's Instagram account has been removed. Picture: Instagram

Having posted up videos of himself rapping as well as various other updates for his followers using the name pyr3xliving, Digga D's Instagram account was seemingly removed but currently no one knows why.

Digga D's other social media accounts on Twitter and Snapchat appear to still be live, but the last post on either of those is from the beginning of August.

One confused fan posted a message on reddit asking, 'Where’s Digga D’s Instagram gone? Was looking for his I spy verse and it’s gone??' but so far there are no answers as to whether Instagram removed his profile or if he's deleted it himself.

Digga D's Instagram account being removed comes shortly after there was a high profile debate about UK Drill music videos being removed from YouTube after alleged links with knife crime in the UK.

The Metropolitan Police used ther powers to removed over 100 UK Drill music videos from the online platform and in a statement at the time a YouTube spokesperson said, '“We have developed policies specifically to help tackle videos related to knife crime in the UK and are continuing to work constructively with experts on this issue."

“We have a dedicated process for the police to flag videos directly to our teams because we often need specialist context from law enforcement to identify real-life threats.”

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Following the debate a number of artists including Drill rappers Skengdo X AM joined Krept & Konan in the Houses Of Parliament to discuss the issue of music censorship and other subjects in relations to escalating concerns around the rise of knife crime.

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