Watch Diddy Dance As A Halloween Clown After That Hilarious Ellen Moment

1 November 2018, 16:01

The 48-year-old rapper - who recently split with his long-term girlfriend Cassie - donned a clown costume for his Halloween celebrations after being pranked on The Ellen Show.

Diddy left viewers of The Ellen Show in stitches this week after being pranked by a scary clown mid-interview.

The music mogul - whose net worth is almost at the $1 billion mark - proudly professed that he wasn't scared of clowns after Ellen suggested that he was.

"Impossible," he said, before an actual clown jumped out in front of him and startled him, to say the least. The 48-year-old rapper leaped from his chair and danced on the spot following the shock.

In response to the video, Diddy took things one step further to prove that his alleged "fear" isn't real. Donning a clown suit identical to the new that pranked him on Ellen, Diddy flexed his moves on Instagram for Halloween.

The rapper was joined by his sons Justin and Christian as the trio moved their way down the hallway of his house, with the clown-faced Diddy leading the way.

Watch the hilarious video - which is set to the soundtrack of Lil Wayne's 'Uproar' - above.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the shock break-up of his ten year relationship with Cassie, Diddy posted a series of public declarations of love for the 'Long Way 2 Go' singer.

He even dedicated a Michael Jackson song to his ex-beau on Instagram, writing: "If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! LOVE."

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