DaniLeigh charged for assaulting DaBaby

16 November 2021, 10:13 | Updated: 16 November 2021, 10:45

DaBaby and DaniLeigh get into heated argument on IG Live

After their heated argument on IG live, DaniLeigh has now been charged with assaulting DaBaby

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DaniLeigh has officially been charged with assaulting DaBaby.

This comes after Sunday's IG live where the two were seen arguing getting into a vicious verbal fight that ended with the police showing up.

During the live, DaniLeigh is seen attacking DaBaby whilst holding their 3-month-old daughter. He can then be heard saying "I gotta record you for my safety. You ain't fitting to bring this Black man down".

DaBaby calls police on baby mama DaniLeigh after arguing on IG live

Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD officially charged DaniLeigh with 2 counts of simple assault last night after officers turned up at DaBaby's home.

On Sunday, DaBaby called the police accusing the singer of striking him whilst feeding their 3-month-old daughter, however, after lack of evidence the police left without making an arrest.

The next day however the police were called back to his house after DaBaby claimed she had been domestically abusive to him again. When the police returned, their investigation found evidence to charge her with 2 misdemeanour assaults – one for Monday and Sunday's alleged incidents.

DaniLeigh has since taken to IG stories telling fans, "I left and me and my baby safe... thank y'all for the support...🙏🏼".

DaniLeigh claims to be safe after IG fight with DaBaby
DaniLeigh claims to be safe after IG fight with DaBaby. Picture: Instagram

Starting another fight on IG live before the police turned up the second time, DaBaby can be heard calling DaniLeigh: "A certified side b*tch", claiming that the two have never been a couple.

"First of all, me and DaniLeigh is not together" he says. "Shawty is not my girl, ain't never been my girl, is my side b****. Shawty is a certified side b****. Her parents know she's a side b****, everybody knows she's a side b****. She don't want y'all to know she's a side b****. She got to save her face, she got to crash all the way out."

Asking his assistant to confirm that she turned up to his house unannounced a week he continued:

"Baby three months in, right when she was about to be born, I flew out to D.R. I ain't put it on the internet, I didn't do none of that ’cause it ain't about that with me. It's about the kids. If the kid is supposed to be mine, I'm there. This is all I know. I'm a stand up n****."

"She was been supposed to go back," he explained. "Been tryna get her stuff sent here, trying to move in. No. Been made it clear, looked her dead in the eyes, had calm, mature conversations. Like, no. This is not what we're doing."

DaniLeigh makes statements about the situation on Instagram
DaniLeigh makes statements about the situation on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

After the first fight on IG live, both DaniLeigh and DaBaby posted statements on their IG stories in an attempt to clean up the drama.

Dani commented: "This man is mad because I had a plan B sent to his condo. Because all he wanna do is cum in me with no responsibility … he probably wants me out so he can f*** on his baby mother and other h***".

“Since Baby want put up a “statement” with his cap a**, I’ll put mine up … so we have been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born.”

In response DaBaby commented: "Based on my reputation, with multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I don’t beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls".

During the live, the police turn up as DaBaby is seen asking Dani to leave his home.

The pair were first linked after they starred in the music video for their collaboration 'Levi High' together, and had been on-and-off from then until their breakup.

After denying the rumors, the two were spotted again during quarantine which lead to Dani confirming their relationship with a cosy snap of herself snuggling up to the rapper, captioning the photo, "My baby❤️ idc".

DaBaby and DaniLeigh at the BET Awards 2019
DaBaby and DaniLeigh at the BET Awards 2019. Picture: Getty

They were then fuelled as she posted picture cradling her bump which she captioned '#dabiggest 🤍' - which fans believed was a play on the rappers name. The pair official split up in January after months of dating.

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