Chris Brown and Drake sued for copyright infringement over ‘No Guidance’

6 October 2021, 15:00

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Chris Brown and Drake have been hit with a copyright lawsuit over their track ‘No Guidance’.

Chris Brown and Drake are being sued for copyright infringement after being accused of stealing elements of another song and converting it into their 2019 track ‘No Guidance’.

A singer and producer called Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, who go by the stage names Mr. Cooper and Drum’n Skillz, are claiming that ‘No Guidance’ copied elements of their track ‘I Love Your Dress’, according to TMZ.

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‘I Love Your Dress’ dropped three years before ‘No Guidance’ and the artists are now seeking big damages.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Cooper and Valentine claim ‘an analysis of the beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure’ suggests that ‘No Guidance’ was derived from ‘I Love Your Dress’.

Drake and Chris Brown pictured in 2010
Drake and Chris Brown pictured in 2010. Picture: Getty
Chris Brown and Drake collaborated on 'No Guidance' in 2019
Chris Brown and Drake collaborated on 'No Guidance' in 2019. Picture: YouTube

The lawsuit goes on to state that ‘I Love Your Dress’ contains the lyrics “She got it, she got it” 16 times.

Meanwhile, ‘No Guidance’ contains the lyrics “You got it, girl, you got it” at least 11 times.

They also claim that Brown and Drake 'deliberately exploited' ‘I Love Your Dress’ as they added a lyric about “flew the coop”, which Cooper claims is a play on his nickname; Coop.

You can compare the two tracks below.

Chris Brown - No Guidance (Official Video) ft. Drake


‘No Guidance’ was part of Chris Brown’s ninth album ‘Indigo’ which dropped in 2019 and it was his first collaboration with Drake alone, marking an end to the stars’ on-off feud.

They have since gone on to release ‘Not You Too’, which was part of Drake’s 2020 ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ mixtape.

Drake and Chris Brown famously collaborated on ‘Only’ alongside Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne back in 2014, as well as ‘Deuces Remix’ with Kanye West and T.I. in 2010.

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