Blueface requests "George Floyd discount" in 'pathetic' video amid protests

8 June 2020, 16:16

Blueface requests "George Floyd discount" at shop
Blueface requests "George Floyd discount" at shop. Picture: Getty

Blueface has been called out by fans after he boldly asked for a 'George Floyd' discount in a furniture shop just weeks after the he was murdered by police sparking protests.

Just two weeks after George Floyd was murdered by police in America, rapper Blueface has upset fans by asking a furniture shop to give him a "George Floyd discount".

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Best known for his song 'Thotiana', 23-year-old rapper Blueface, real name Johnathan Michael Porter shared a video of himself asking for the discount and laughing on Instagram.

Blueface shares controversial video asking for "George Floyd discount"
Blueface shares controversial video asking for "George Floyd discount". Picture: Getty

After posting a video of himself buying $37,000 of furniture at a shop called 'LA Furniture', Blueface went on to share another clip which showed him saying to the shop employee, "Aye, cuh. Y'all tell them to give me that George Floyd discount, cuh."

After lauging, he went on to add, "I need that Black Lives Matter discount."

Shortly after the video was posted Blueface was slammed by fans as "pathetic" with one writing, 'We’re out here rioting and fighting and he laughing Wow!'.

Another person writing on Instagram said, 'So now he laughing abt george floyd and using black lives matter as an excuse to get a discount? I think we need to cancel him. The fact that he even thought that it was funny to record this while we out here protesting is pathetic.'

Blueface has previously faced controversy in recent years after he filmed himself throwing money at homeless people on 'Skid Row.

The LA rapper stood on top of his car and threw money into the sky so it could rain down on top of the homeless people who had gathered.

After the controversial video emerged, one person who had previously been homeless said, "I’ve been homeless before. This is BEYOND disrespectful. There was ZERO good intent here. #blueface treat those people like they were animals, when he could’ve donated to the 3 shelters that are within 3 blocks of that location, helped more people, and let them keep their dignity."

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