Billie Eilish 'loves' J Hus and Not3s & reveals her favourite songs by them

13 May 2020, 12:35

Billie Eilish reveals her favourite J Hus and Not3s songs
Billie Eilish reveals her favourite J Hus and Not3s songs. Picture: Getty

International pop star Billie Eilish has declared her love for U.K hip-hop and rap, with a special shout out to J Hus and Not3s.

Billie Eilish recently revealed her love U.K music after her father introduced her to rappers such as J Hus and Not3s.

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In a recent interview, the 18-year-old international pop star went on Beats 1 radio with her father for their 'Me & Dad Radio' feature, when she revealed she's into U.K hip-hop/rap music.

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On a recent episode of the show, Eilish talked new music and old music with her father. However, her father shocked her after enlightening her about U.K music.

During the interview, Eilish shouted out two iconic London rappers, admitting that her father introduced her to J Hus' "Did You See" and Not3s' "Addison Lee".

Eilish revealed that J Hus' 'Did You See' was one of her "favourite songs."  She continued "My dad has introduced me to some of my favourite songs ever," Eilish told the station.

J Hus - Did You See (Official Video)

"I really wanted to show the world that a lot of my taste comes from stuff my dad has shown me over the years,".

Further explaining her interest in U.K music, she revealed that J Hus was the first UK rapper she had listened to.

"I love J Hus. He was like the first of the UK rappers that I was introduced to, thanks to my dad." 

Billie also admitted her love for British super-producer JAE5.

Not3s - Addison Lee [Music Video] | GRM Daily

Speaking on Not3s' "Addison Lee", Billie revealed "this was my first introduction to Not3s; Not3s with a three, the homie."

She continued "Dad didn't know what an Addison Lee was [laughs]. Dad didn't even realise it was a car. Dad said, 'peng ting, cold medicine, cold medicine.' I love Not3s! He's a sweetheart, too."

Eilish's dad chimed in saying "For those of you who don't know, 'peng ting' is a hot number, a hot girl."

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