Aitch’s family: sisters, parents, lyrics about them & more

19 August 2022, 13:17 | Updated: 12 January 2023, 14:56

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Aitch keeps his family life private, however he has opened up about them. Here's what we know.

Aitch is known for being a talented rapper and his songs such as 'Baby' and 'Taste (Make it Shake)'.

Despite his hectic schedule as a musician, he is very family-orientated and has started to open up about his family life.

They hail from Manchester and still live around the area. Aitch's new album 'Close to Home' pays tribute to his hometown and his family, and how they shaped him as a rapper and as a person.

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  1. Who are Aitch's parents?

    Aitch seems to be close to his mum and dad, and has revealed that he has paid off his parents mortgage.

    The rapper has revealed that his parents now live in a different house in another part of Manchester, close to where he grew up in New Moston.

    He told GQ that his mum is now "living like a queen" while his dad helps him in investments for the houses that he has bought.

    Aitch has dedicated this track to his younger sister Gracie.
    Aitch has dedicated a track to his younger sister. Picture: Instagram

    Aitch's dad appears on the album 'Close to Home' in the form of a voice note shouting at his son: "I’ve got a f*cking Excel sheet in front of me, you would not believe how much money you’re throwing away.”

    The rapper told The Big Issue North that his mum is "Crazy in a good way. I’m like the boy version of her. I’ve never been bothered about standing up in front of people. Never been embarrassed or anything.”

  2. Does Aitch have any siblings?

    Aitch has two younger sisters, who are non-identical twins.

    Although he has not said how old they are, from family pictures he has uploaded to social media, they are probably five or more years younger than him.

  3. What are his sisters called?

    Aitch's has revealed that his sister is called Gracie, who he calls 'G'. In the lyrics to the song 'My G' he refers to his other sister as 'Hats', which is presumably a nickname for a longer name.

    The rapper's real name is Harrison, so it is likely that his other sister follows the 'H' naming pattern.

    Aitch is releasing his debut album in a few days.
    Aitch and his presumably family dog . Picture: Instagram
  4. What lyrics are about his family?

    Aitch has dedicated a song titled 'My G' to his little sister Gracie, who has Down's syndrome.

    The song features Ed Sheeran and he has revealed that all profits from the music video will go the Down's Syndrome Association

    At the start of the music video a message to his sister reads: "This song is dedicated to Gracie Armstrong. You have the biggest heart in the world! Don't change for no one. Love you kid x."

    This message appears at the start of 'My G''s music video
    This message appears at the start of 'My G''s music video. Picture: YouTube

    He revealed to GQ that Ed Sheeran got on board to sing the hook after he previously knew about his sisters.

    “Ed’s really the only person [in music] that knows about my sister, and AJ Tracey, who I love to bits but he definitely can’t sing like Ed. So I sent him a video I had of her singing one of his songs, and she’s very cute, so I kind of gave him the guilt trip, you know?”

  5. Do we know anything about Aitch's other family members?

    The Manchester rapper revealed that after he left college to pursue music, he took up working with his grandad to make some extra cash.

    Before he dropped 'Straight Rhymez', he was working as a labourer for his grandad for a few months in 2018.

    After it blew up, Aitch stopped working at the building site and revealed: "Yo, grandad, I’m not coming into work, I’m going to London to meet Sony and Universal."

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