Rihanna trolls look-a-like with hilarious question about new album

17 August 2020, 11:27

Rihanna hilarious asks look-a-like where her new album is
Rihanna hilarious asks look-a-like where her new album is. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Fans have been waiting for Rihanna's new album for years and it seems this look-a-like could have the answers.

By Matt Tarr

When it comes to Rihanna there are are a few things that we want - all the new Fenty make-up, the entire new Savage X Fenty collection and, oh yeah, a new album!

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With fans having quizzed Rihanna for years when the new album's coming, pretty much ever since she released her last album Anti in 2016, the 'Believe It' singer has now taken matters into her own hands.

Rihanna reveals BTS clip of her in the studio

A woman named Priscila Beatrice, who claimed to be regularly mistaken for Rihanna shared a post comparing herself to RiRi on Tik Tok and that clip was later shared to The Shade Room, which is where Rihanna jumped in.

Trolling her fans and mocking the fact that she's constantly asked about new music, Rihanna replied to the video of her look-a-like and wrote, "Where the album sis? #R9".

Despite impatiently waiting for the new record, Rihanna fans found the whole thing hilarious, with one fan writing "Bruh one of them Rihanna’s better drop a damn album 🤣🤣" whilst another added, "Sis really think she funny 😭 y she doing us like this".

Rihanna asks look-a-like where her new album is
Rihanna asks look-a-like where her new album is. Picture: Instagram

Whwn it comes to Rihanna's new album, we still don't know the name, release date or literally pretty much anything else about it and it's been FOUR YEARS OF WAITING.

Rihanna has been spotted in the studio several times and claimed that she's always working on new music, but with her business empire performing amazingly well who knows when RiRi will even have time to drop an album!

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