Stefflon Don Savagely Responds To ‘Dutty’ Nicki Minaj Fans Who Criticised Her

31 October 2018, 15:05

The 'Hurtin' Me' rapper defended herself against Nicki's fans.
The 'Hurtin' Me' rapper defended herself against Nicki's fans. Picture: Getty Images

The 'Senseless' rapper hit back at Nicki Minaj fans - a.k.a. the Barbz - who targeted her after she weighed in on Minaj's beef with Cardi B.

Stefflon Don has fired back at angry Nicki Minaj fans who sent her hateful comments following her response to Minaj's beef with Cardi B.

During their explosive back-and-forth social media argument earlier this week, the 'Queen' rapstress and the 'Money' starlet accused each other of lying about fashion endorsements, musical collaborations and more.

At one point, Nicki claimed that her friend Rah Ali beat up Cardi during their infamous fight at New York Fashion Week and suggested that the mother-of-one doesn’t write her own raps.

Stefflon Don Slams "Grown Woman" Nicki Minaj Over Controversial Cardi B Claims

This is where Stefflon Don jumped in the comments to voice her disappointment in Minaj, writing, “Ur a big grown woman talking about beating someone’s head in??? Queen??? I’m disappointed in you so many people look up to you, show us better."

Her comments were met with a barrage of hate from Nicki's fans - a.k.a. the Barbz - who slammed the 'Hurtin' Me' rapstress for speaking about their idol.

In response, Steff took to Instagram to address the backlash. "Got something coming for these dusty GARBS I mean Barbs soon," she began.

Steff fired back at the Barbz.
Steff fired back at the Barbz. Picture: Instagram/@stefflondon
"I will say what I want to say."
"I will say what I want to say.". Picture: Instagram/@stefflondon

"These people are crazy the way I would love to slap one of dem," the 26-year-old rapper wrote. "STEFF SAYS WHAT THE F*CK STEFF WANTS TO SAY!"

She said that her disappointment stems from the fact that Nicki is "old enough to be someones grandmother [sic]" and that "wrong is wrong" and "right is right."

She went on to post a number of positive replies she received in response to the story, adding that she wants "all there smoke." Nicki is yet to respond to Steff's comments.

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