Nicki Minaj new album 2020: tracklist, release date, songs, features & more

27 February 2020, 15:01 | Updated: 27 February 2020, 15:21

Nicki Minaj will be dropping a new album in 2020
Nicki Minaj will be dropping a new album in 2020. Picture: Getty

Rapstress Nicki Minaj has revealed that she has been working on her upcoming album. Find out more about the highly anticipated project below.

Nicki Minaj has consistently that she is making music for her new album, set to drop in 2020. Since the release of her last project, Queen, back in 2018, the "Megatron" rapper has been quiet on the music front.

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Taking a hiatus from social media and claiming she was retiring from her rap career, she left fans unhopeful that they would be seeing music from her any time soon.

However, she is back on the scene and ready to take over ! See more on Nicki Minaj's new album below.

  1. What is Nicki Minaj's new album ?

    Nicki Minaj has revealed that she is making music for her new album, set to drop in 2020.

    The 37-year-old is back with a bang, releasing her first single for this year called 'Yikes'.

    Nicki revealed some details about her forthcoming fifth album on Saturday (Feb. 8).

    One fan asked, "Can we be expecting a new alter-ego this era? Or possibly the return of a fan fave."

    Nicki then responded, "Queen Sleeze".

    When asked to describe her new second self, Nicki expounded saying, "She’s more calm but way deadlier."

    She continued "My husband always says he’s more afraid when I talk quiet then when I yell. Lmao."

    "He said that’s how he knows when I’m dead tf serious."

    Back in September 2019, Minaj was interviewed by Elle about her Fendi Prints collection.

    In the interview, she said she was working on a new album and described it as “fierce, fun and unapologetic”.

    Minaj “It’s probably the most excited I’ve been about an album release in a really long time,” she said.

    “I’m happy that we’re not making my fans wait for another album like I’ve done in the past”.

  2. What is the release date of Nicki Minaj's new album ?

    There is not currently an official release date for Nicki Minaj's album.

    However, many fans think she will drop her album in the summer.

  3. What is the tracklist ?

    There is currently no official tracklist for Nicki Minaj's album.

    This will be updated.

  4. Which artists feature on the album ?

    Nicki Minaj has not given any hint as to who will be featuring on her new album.

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