What operation did Drake have amid creating ‘Certified Lover Boy’?

21 January 2021, 09:21 | Updated: 25 January 2021, 15:20

What operation did Drake have? Did the rapper injure his knee?
What operation did Drake have? Did the rapper injure his knee? Picture: Getty/Instagram

Drake is gearing up to release his new album 'Certified Lover Boy' – but fans still are wondering what happened to his knee...

Drake is set to be dropping his new album Certified Lover Boy soon. Shortly after the album announcement, the rapper released a CLB Nike merchandise line, which sold out in no time.

Is Drake retiring after Certified Lover Boy?

It is safe to say Drizzy has been working hard and delivering his fans with a clothing line and new music.

However, fans became worried when the star revealed that he had been injured via his Instagram story.

But what actually happened? Did Drake break his knee? Did the rapper have surgery? Find out more below.

  1. What operation did Drake have?

    Drake is reportedly still recovering from a knee operation, which he had in late October 2020.

    Although the rapper has not specified what the injury is, he has shared photos wearing a brace on his knee.

    This lead fans to speculate the rapper's injury to be a torn ACL.

    However, one fan speculated that he had torn a fibrous cartilage in his leg.

    Fans became aware of Drake's injury when he posted a photo of his knee brace on Instagram
    Fans became aware of Drake's injury when he posted a photo of his knee brace on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

    Twitter user @Ovosyndicate offered Drake's fans a theory about his injury.

    The user wrote "Little information about Drake's injury: he tore either his medial or lateral meniscus which is a fibrous cartilage in between the femur and the tibia and fibula bones of the leg."

    "Healing time could take up to 3 or 4 months, but bc he has surgery could take less time"

    In another tweet, the user wrote "Now if the surgery was a meniscectomy or removal of the meniscus it could only take 3-4 weeks for it to heal."

    "Otherwise if they just did a knee arthroscopy could take quite some time to regain his range of motion and stability back of his knee "

    However, there has been no official report on Drake's surgery and how the rapper came to acquire his knee injury.

  2. What happened to Drake's leg?

    On October 31st Drake posted a clear picture of his knee brace to his story captioned: “new challenge unlocked”.

    He later deleted the story and uploaded it with a message to his followers: “I actually want to use this post to send love and motivation to anybody else that 2020 let loose on. Start writing the best bounce back story NOW.”

    Drake uploads snap from his bed post knee surgery
    Drake uploads snap from his bed post knee surgery. Picture: instagram

    On Tuesday (Nov 10 2020) Drake a photo of himself lying on his bed with his leg propped up and a wheelchair in shot.

    The black and white photo quickly blew up on social media, with many worried fans sharing their well wishes.

    Drake shares a photo of him lying in bed recovering from his knee injury
    Drake shares a photo of him lying in bed recovering from his knee injury. Picture: Instagram

    The posts comment section was flooded with praying hand and strength emojis.

    Although it’s unclear how Drake got the injury, many reports have suspected the rapper suffered a torn ACL.

  3. Did Drake have surgery on his knee in 2009?

    In 2009, Drake underwent surgery after tearing three ligaments while on stage.

    The rapper revealed that he had surgery at the time via his Twitter account.

    Drake wrote “In the studio…working on Thank Me Later…magic…surgery September 8th then we’re back in business.”

    The video of Drake falling while performing at America's Most Wanted tour, went viral.

    Drake is seen walking past Lil Wayne, then he suddenly slips. Workers quickly helped Drake off stage as the star was severely limping.

    After his fall, Drake assured his fans he was okay. The star wrote ."We straight," he wrote.

    He continued "Just to show that this ACL sh-- ain't a joke. Thanks for the support, and we'll be back ... Young moola.""All is well...,".

    Drake later spoke of his surgery, writing "On the bus laying down... Getting surgery this week but I'm walking. Thank my whole YM family for the help. Lion Hearts!"

  4. Why is Drake in rehab?

    On Wednesday (13 Jan) Drake shared a photo of his lean physique, in his home gym.

    The star was pictured in Nike sports attire, with personalised OVO dumbbells in the background.

    Drake shows off his lean physique post-surgery
    Drake shows off his lean physique post-surgery. Picture: Instagram

    Along with the photo, Drake posted a video of himself squatting on a small exercise bench, while lifting weights at the same time.

    The "God's Plan" rapper captioned the IG story post "'10 weeks post op I'm grinding for recovery EVERYDAY,'".

    The rapper revealed he is currently in rehab after undergoing surgery for his knee injury.

  5. Did Drake's operation affect his album release?

    Drake has decided to postpone the release of his new album 'Certified Lover Boy'.

    On Wednesday (Jan 21) Drake took to his Instagram story to reveal that he is pushing back the album release date due to his knee surgery.

    Drake reveals his reasoning behind pushing his album release back
    Drake reveals his reasoning behind pushing his album release back. Picture: Instagram

    'I was planning to release my album this month but between surgery and rehab my energy has been dedicated to recovery,'

    The rapper continued: 'I’m blessed to be back on my feet feeling great and focused on the album, but CLB won't be dropping in January.'

    He ended the post by writing 'I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all in 2021.'

    Drizzy originally was set on a summer of 2020 release, and then a January 2021 release, before postponing it again.

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