Is Drake retiring after Certified Lover Boy?

21 January 2021, 09:02

Is Drake retiring after Certified Lover Boy?
Is Drake retiring after Certified Lover Boy? Picture: Getty

Will Certified Lover Boy be Drake's final album? Is he taking a hiatus or is he retiring from music altogether?

As anticipation for Drake's sixth studio album Certified Lover Boy continues to build, rumours have begun swirling that the record may be Drizzy's last.

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The Canadian hitmaker announced on Wednesday (20 Jan) that the album will not be dropping in January 2021 as previously confirmed. Still, fans can't wait to see what he has in store, especially after a number of alleged unreleased songs by the rapper leaked online.

However, just weeks before the album's supposed release (Drake has been pretty quiet since the beginning of the year), some alleged sources have suggested that CLB may be the last we hear from Drake - for a while, anyway.

Is Drake ready to retire from rap already?
Is Drake ready to retire from rap already? Picture: Getty

Celebrity gossip page @deuxmoi - an Instagram account where anonymous tippers send in information about, or sightings of, famous A-Listers - spilled some alleged tea on Drake's supposed retirement.

"I heard from a friend who is a driver bodyguard for a AAA rapper who will announce soon his next album will be his last," wrote a sender under the pseudonym 'mr palm tree', with another later 'identifiying' the rapper in question as Drake.

Another sender named 'take care' backed up this statement, writing, "certified lover boy is Drake's last album! seems he's noticed dwindling reception and wants to wrap up his career/legacy on a high note.

"I'm sure he'll have a comeback album when he's older but he seems to have grown out of this decade-long era ("lover boy" sensitive drake)".

Is Drake planning on taking some time out to spend with his son and family?
Is Drake planning on taking some time out to spend with his son and family? Picture: Instagram

A sender called 'Lover Girl' disputed Drake's rumoured retirement, however, claiming that he is merely taking a hiatus. "Drake is def not retiring from music like the other submissions suggested," they wrote.

"It's more like a hiatus he plans on taking to spend more time with his son and family! He will be back like other artists have done before who had kids. This new album of his that's coming out soon will have BIG names on it tho!"

Drake 'Certified Lover Boy': leaked songs rumoured to be on the album

Drake is yet to respond to the rumours, but we have a hunch Certified Lover Boy isn't the last we'll see of the 'Laugh Now Cry Later' rapper.

Elsewhere during the tea-spilling episode, an anonymous sender wrote in with some gossip about the rumoured features on Drake's new album, while also disputing claims of a retirement.

"Since a few people have spoken about Drake, I'll give a little tea. My friend's husband worked with Drake on his new album (which btw will not be his last). It is dropping this month, as you know there will be many features but there are too popular pop girls on it (different tracks) but I do think it will be an interesting tune!"

So, which reigning pop queens shall we anticipate to see on the record? Ariana Grande? Dua Lipa? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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