Beyonce & Adele fans spark heated debate over who can 'out sing' the other

16 December 2021, 16:34

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Fans are going wild online after a viral tweet claimed Adele could "out sing" Beyonce.

Beyonce and Adele fans have gone head-to-head in a heated debate online, fending for their respective icons.

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It all began when a popular tweet spread online, claiming Adele had the ability to 'out sing' Queen Bey – to which the Beyhives hit back in defence of the 40-year-old singer.

Adele fans claim she has stronger vocals than Beyoncé
Adele fans claim she has stronger vocals than Beyoncé. Picture: Getty

The debate has been widely discussed, with artists delving into the debate to give their views from a musical perspective.

One of the latest responses was from R&B singer Tank, who claims unqualified people are making these claims and urges people to see what musical experts would say about Beyoncé's singing.

While the debate seems quite split, with fans having mixed reactions – it does not seem to be dying down as the topic is still taking over the Twitter timeline.

Some people vouching that Adele can out sing Beyonce, claiming she has a strong and soulful voice, while others claim that Adele does not have to vocal range that Beyonce does.

Most fans have remained respectful of both of the artists talents, but have reasons as to why they choose one over the other.

Beyonce fans claim she has more vocal range and can perform better than Adele.
Beyonce fans claim she has more vocal range and can perform better than Adele. Picture: Getty

One fan wrote: "Adele cannot out sing Beyoncé and I think even she would agree with that. Bey can sing “Hello” in her sleep. But can Adele sing “Love on Top”? I rest my case lol." while another wrote: "if you think adele can out sing beyonce, exit stage left please & thanks."

An opposing fan, wrote: "The biggest debate of the day was can Adele out sing Beyoncé & I STAND on YES TF SHE CAN & YES TF SHE WILL! ! !" with another adding: "So.... Let's be real... Adele CAN OUT SING BEYONCE! Let's just keep it a bean..."

See other opinions of the debate below.

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