Beyoncé fans think she's dropping new music before Christmas

13 December 2021, 12:34

Beyonce and Solange Fall Over At Coachella

There's major speculation spreading that Queen B may be dropping new music before the end of the year... are you ready?

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Beyoncé might have some new music on the way and fans are losing their mind! Last week, a fan spotted some major insider info from a Reddit page that may have revealed Beyoncé's next steps.

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Is there new Beyoncé on the way?
Is there new Beyoncé on the way? Picture: Reddit

Spreading the word via the @beyonceupdtes account on Twitter, an ATRL insider has revealed that 'there’s a massive production of CDs and vinyls related to Beyoncé’s new album'. Calling it colourful the quote reads:

"So apparently a record label is upset I gave away a secret... so I am putting a disclaimer on my posts now by saying 'might or might not happen' Beyonce may or may not be coming before xmas production on her physicals is really ramping up. All I know is that expect a colourful era based on what vinyl requires have been (there is a lot of formats in production)".

Beyoncé at the "The Lion King" Premiere
Beyoncé at the "The Lion King" Premiere. Picture: Getty

Fans instantly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the gossip, with some gleeing from excitement whilst others weren't so sure the news was true.

The last project Queen B released was the Lion King soundtrack, with her last proper solo song being Be Alive which was featured in the King Richard movie starring Will Smith.

One fan tweeted: "The fact that I can’t even celebrate this cause I know when it come to bey I have to hear it from her herself".

Another fan commented: "Keeping my expectations horrendously low".

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