50 Cent Trolls Chris Brown's Dancing With Hilarious Michael Jackson Photoshop

4 October 2019, 10:55

50 Cent Trolls Chris Brown's dancing with Michael Jackson meme
50 Cent Trolls Chris Brown's dancing with Michael Jackson meme. Picture: Getty

50 Cent has had the final say about whether Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson.

50 Cent is never one to hide away from a strong opinion and he's returned to his trolling ways by commenting on the whole Chris Brown vs Michael Jackson debate.

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With fans of both artists claiming their favourite is the best performer, 50 Cent took to Instagram to post a hilarious Photoshopped image of the artwork to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' with his own face replacing MJ.

Not only was Fiddy's face added to the album cover though, the text was also changed to read 'Curtis Jacksn - Thriller', whilst a gun was also added into Michael Jackson's hand.

Trolling Chris Brown's dancing in the process, 50 Cent captioned the Instagram post 'CB ain’t got sh*t on me. I got moves foo'.

50 Cent had earlier posted a video of one of Chris Brown's live performances where he praised the singer, writing 'I would hate to be a R&B n***a right now.this fool better then MJ no cap'.

This isn't the first time that Chris Brown's dancing has divided opinions recently. After a video of Chris Brown 'krumping' on stage surfaced, one hater wrote on Instagram "Yea y’all give Chris Brown too much credit for dancing. I know a crackhead who can do the same s**t. Another fan wrote "Chris brown is still the king of dancing".

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