Wiz Khalifa Refuses To Apologise For Controversial “Racist” Lyrics Following Backlash

18 July 2018, 12:34 | Updated: 2 August 2018, 17:06

Wiz Khalifa.
Wiz Khalifa. Picture: The Breakfast Club/YouTube

The rapper was called out on social media this week.

Wiz Khalifa has responded to criticism of some of the lyrics in his new song 'Hot Now'.

The Pittsburgh rapper addressed the backlash - which was aimed at the lyric “Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean" - during his appearance on The Breakfast Club.

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“And I also say I smoke like a Jamaican, and I also say I live like a white man,” he argued, insisting that the line wasn't meant to be see as racist. “So chill out. I’m not a racist. I love all races.

"My art is up for interpretation. So if it pisses you off, cool." he said, while refusing to apologise for the lyric. Watch the video above.

The particular line was seen as problematic among many users online, and many took is as an attack on the Korean and Asian communities.

'Hot Now' features on Wiz's new album 'Rolling Papers 2'.

This isn't the first time Khalifa has made a reference in the same vein. During his feature on Kanye West's 2008 track 'Amazin', he raps, "Look what I'm blazin'/ Eyes so low/ Yeah I look like an Asian."

In addition, on his 2010 song 'Real Estate', the rapper says, "Eyes Chinese, smoke like I’m Jamaican," Complex reports.

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