Skai Jackson, 17, exposes inappropriate DMs from "creepy grown men"

16 March 2020, 11:26

Skai Jackson exposes "creepy grown men" for sending her inappropriate DMs
Skai Jackson exposes "creepy grown men" for sending her inappropriate DMs. Picture: Getty

Seventeen-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson recently exposed older, often married men for sliding into her DMs on Instagram.

Actress Skai Jackson has taken to Twitter to call out older men who slide in her DMs and send her inappropriate messages - with the 17-year-old Disney star exposing one message from a man who turned out to be engaged.

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Writing on her Twitter account, Skai said, 'I’m just gonna start exposing these grown men cause I’m sick and tired' before she began exposing messages from older guys.

After posting a tweet which read, 'What I deal with in my DM all day. he has a whole fiancé ? JAIL', Skai shared an image of a DM she received which read, "Your mine" and was accompanied by a salivating face emoji and love hearts.

Another message sent to Skai by an older man in her DMs read, "Sh*t crazy been crushing and liking on you I'll eat ya whole boty up lil lady".

Before exposing the inappropriate messages she receives, Skai had hinted at the fact men have been sending her out of pocket when she tweeted, "I get the weirdest dms.... ew".

Skai even received a public tweet from a man who wrote, 'Skai jackson lil a** can get it' to which she shared with her followers and replied, 'JAIL'.

After exposing several of the messages from older men, the young actress later revealed that many of them went on to delete what they'd sent her after she'd exposed them on Twitter.

Shortly after the 17-years-old began to expose the messages she received a barrage of support from her followers and messages of positivity, plus support from some famous faces including YouTube star James Charles who responded to Skai's tweet by saying, 'EVERY DAY! It’s so sad and pathetic. stop cheating!!!'.

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