Power Season 6's 'dragged out' who shot Ghost plot sparks hilarious memes

9 January 2020, 13:16

Power Season 6 first episode after the midseason finale has spawned hilarious memes
Power Season 6 first episode after the midseason finale has spawned hilarious memes. Picture: Getty/Twitter

Fans of the American Drama series Power have created hilarious memes, after watching Episode 11, following the midseason finale.

The midseason finale of Power season six left fans in shock after Ghost, who is played by actor Omari Harwick, was shot by an unknown character.

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Fans of the show watched Ghost fall from the balcony, wondering whether he is dead or not and who shot him. The first episode since the midseason finale (Jan 5) has left fans confused and slightly annoyed as the plot continues to tease who shot Ghost.

Although the latest episode not revealing who was responsible for shooting Ghost, the episode did confirm his death and ruled out some potential suspects.

In the trailer, it reveals the next five episodes the perspective from each of the suspects story would be told. However, the first episode leaves a cliff hanger.

However, they were more frustrated that they are still none the wiser as to who shot Ghost.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Very disappointed with #Power. They’re gonna drag it out and make us wait to see who killed Ghost.”

Another viewer of the show added “I’m sorry but I DO NOT have enough patience to WAIT 6 more story lines just to find out #WhoShotGhost This some bs man #Power”. See other reactions below.

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