Fans of Outkast and The Beatles debate over who’s the better group

9 April 2021, 10:38 | Updated: 9 April 2021, 10:45

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Outkast and The Beatles are going head to head in a viral Twitter debate as fans discuss who reigns supreme.

A massive debate was sparked on social media this week after one Twitter user claimed OutKast were a better group than The Beatles.

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"When society admits OutKast is better than The Beatles then we can truly start healing," wrote Chopped 420 host @RonFunches.

Days later, the tweet caught the attention of the Atlanta duo themselves who retweeted the statement with the side-eye emoji, sparking further conversation around the topic.

More users chimed in in support the argument, with one writing, "Outkast could make Come Together. The Beatles could never make So Fresh, So Clean."

"OutKast could easily write “Hey Jude” but The Beatles could never write “Hey Ya!” and we won’t be entertaining any rebuttals. Thank you for your time," said another.

"If you understood the history of music, without Black music, there would be no Beatles. That's 100," wrote one, while another added, "OutKast could do No Reply and Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles could never do Ms. Jackson."

"Outkast could outshine the Beatles musically and artistically in every aspect... song writing, singing, bodies of work," argued one user. "I love the Beatles but naaaaaaahhh they can't compete with Andre alone, big boi one of the best to ever do it as well though."

However, others said it was too difficult to compare the two groups as they are from vastly different eras - The Beatles took over the charts as a British pop-rock hit machine in the 1960's, while OutKast emerged as a game-changing hip-hop fusion duo in the 1990's and 2000's.

"I don’t understand slandering The Beatles but I REALLY don’t understand directly tying OutKast to The Beatles. WHY? HOW? The Beatles wouldn’t exist without the Black Rock & R&B artists they grew up listening to/emulating but comparing OutKast & The Beatles like Funk ain’t exist?" wrote one user.

"Both @Outkast and The Beatles are great. Saying one is better than the other ignores every factor that made them who they are. It doesn't come down to a few songs," said another.

Well, it looks like this debate isn't going anywhere for a while. Who do you think is the better group - OutKast or The Beatles?

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