Kobe & Gianna Bryant mural painted over with "disrespectful" coronavirus artwork

31 March 2020, 11:07 | Updated: 31 March 2020, 11:14

Kobe Bryant mural painted over with coronavirus message
Kobe Bryant mural painted over with coronavirus message. Picture: Getty/Twitter

People are angry after a mural painted in the memory of the late basketball legend and his daughter was painted over.

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna lost their lives in a tragic helicopter crash at the end of 2019, with an outpouring of love for their family from what felt like the entire world emerging in the aftermath.

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One show of love and support came via a mural which was put up on a wall by artist Mr Brainwash, showing a picture of Kobe and Gianna together, but that very same artwork has now been replaced by a coronavirus message.

The mural tribute to the basketball legend and his daughter is now covered up by a bold red wall with the words 'Stay home life is beautiful' and it has upset many people around the world.

One person took to Twitter and wrote, 'It’s looks a god damn mess WHO TF DID THIS' whilst another added, 'That’s trash and saddening af'.

Some people tried to explain that the original Kobe mural, like many pieces in the street art world, was only meant to be temporary and that the materials used to create it meant it was beginning to fall apart.

According to one person on Twitter, the Kobe Bryant mural was put up using paper and wheatpaste and was created by an artist called Mr Brainwash and he's the person who also painted the new artwork.

They explained, 'It was a temporary installation. This artist, Mr. Brainwash, uses paper and wheatpaste which doesn't last forever.'

Another add, 'Someone said the artist is the one who painted over it bc it was damaged from the rain. It was beautiful and we’re to see it go. [sic]'

The artwork which has replaced the mural is a message reacting to the current coronavirus pandemic which has spread across the world, with warnings from many governments around the world for people to stay indoors to stop its spread.

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