Kevin Hart recalls the moment he pooped himself on stage

23 March 2020, 13:21 | Updated: 23 March 2020, 13:23

The comedian has been confessing secrets and stories to his fans on Instagram while self-isolating.

Kevin Hart is getting very open and honest with his fans while self-isolating amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The 40-year-old comedian has started a new series on his Instagram page called 'Confessions from the Hart' where he lets his followers on some never-before-heard secrets and tales.

And Philadelphia native Kevin didn't spare any details with his first story, throwing it back to a show in Scandinavia where he suffered an accident mid-performance after eating some bad chicken.

"I can&squot;t do it. I can&squot;t. And I&squot;m cramped up to the point where I can&squot;t even walk," said Kevin.
"I can't do it. I can't. And I'm cramped up to the point where I can't even walk," said Kevin. Picture: Getty

"We get there. I'm in the back. I'm sitting on the toilet," he said, recalling the moment he got to the venue 45 minutes before his set. "I get onstage. I start performing. I'm midway through and I don't feel bad. I get to, like, my last seven minutes of my set. Bloop bloop. I feel it in my stomach," he said.

"'Oh no. Don't do this to me. Don't you f**kin' do this to me. C'mon, Kevin, finish.' I go to tell my joke... My stomach is now on my mind. I'm like, 'Oh my God. Oh my God, it's gon' happen.'... I can't end the show because of the joke.

He continued, "It's like, this is my last joke. So I start trying to speed through the joke... I can't do it. I can't. And I'm cramped up to the point where I can't even walk. So I'm like holdin' this tight a** pose while I got the microphone and I said 'f**k it.' I just said, 'F**k it.' Bap bap. Shitted on myself. Right on stage.

"Got off stage and was like, 'Oh, well.' Went to the bathroom. Took them drawers in the trash. Left the venue. Told everybody don't get in the car with me. I need to be in that car by myself with the driver."

See the full clip above.

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