Kano delivers touching performance of ‘Teardrops’ at GRM Rated Awards 2020

10 September 2020, 11:52 | Updated: 10 September 2020, 12:09

Kano delivers touching performance of ‘Teardrops’ at GRM Rated Awards 2020
Kano delivers touching performance of ‘Teardrops’ at GRM Rated Awards 2020. Picture: Getty

Rapper Kano has left fans speechless over his moving performance for his song 'Teardrops'.

By Tiana Williams

East London rapper Kano has blown fans away with his performance for his song 'Teardrops' at the GRM Rated Awards 2020 – which took place last night (Aug 9).

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The virtual event saw performances from M Huncho, Dutchavelli, Ivorian Doll, Abra Cadabra, Br3nya, and George The Poet.

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However, the two east London legends – who were both instrumental in building the early Grime scene – also performed at the event.

The pioneers of Grime, Dizzee Rascal and Kano, both delivered unforgettable performances.

Kano's performance was a highlight for many, as the rapper's name quickly became trending on Twitter. Fans were stricken by the emotive performance, with many praising the star for such an impactful moment at the award ceremony.

One fan on Twitter wrote "Forever moved by Kano and this is no different", while another wrote "Listen when I say this...@TheRealKano Is the GOAT WOW".

The iconic performance begins when the East Ham native is seen getting into a car and driving, while the intro of Jamaican artist Sizzla's sample from "Dry Cry" plays.

Kano spits the deep lyrics, reiterating his experience of being a black Brit, while navigating the car, until he gets pulled over by police.

Visually displaying a harsh reality of what many black men in Britain go through with the police, Kano is a victim of being suspected to be "carrying drugs", or being involved with "gang activity".

In the performance, the police became violent when Kano did not look at them and engage with them exactly how they wanted to, and they physically dragged him out of the car.

During the visuals, the camera was still focussed on the empty car, while you can hear the police beating on Kano in the background.

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Kano depicted the unfortunate, yet, often occurrence of police brutality and racism.

Kano Performs "Teardrops" | Rated Awards 2020

At the end of the video, Kano paid tribute to people who have lost their lives due to police brutality in the UK.

Taking to Instagram, Kano wrote "In memory of the countless lives lost too soon, both named and un-named: Adrian McDonald, Aston McLean, Azelle Rodney, Brian Douglas, Cherry Groce, Christopher Alder, Clinton McCurbin, Cynthia Jarrett, Darren, Cumberbatch, David Oluwale, Edson Da Costa, Fosta Errol-Thompson, Frank Ogboru, Ibrahima Sey, Jack Susianta, Jermaine Baker, John Mikkelson, Jordan ‘Nathaniel’ Cooke, Joy Gardner, Kevin Clarke, Kingsley Burrell, Leon Briggs, Leon Patterson, Leroy ‘Junior’ Medford, Mark Duggan, Mikey Powell, Mzee Mohammed, Daley, Nicholas Ofusu, Nuno Cardoso, Olaseni ‘Seni’ Lewis, Oluwashijibomi ‘Shiji’ Lapite, Paul Coker, Rashan Charles, Ricky Bishop, Roger Sylvester, Sean Rigg, Sheku Bayoh, Simeon Francis, Smiley Culture (David Emmanuel), Terry Nicholas, Trevor Smith, Wayne Douglas, Winston Rose."

The visuals were directed by Aneil Karia & Kano.

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