Juice WRLD's first posthumous song ‘Righteous' drops four months after rapper's death

24 April 2020, 13:49

Juice WRLD's first posthumous song has been released
Juice WRLD's first posthumous song has been released. Picture: Getty

Late rapper Juice WRLD's song 'Righteous' has officially been released four months after the rapper sadly passed away.

Juice WRLD's unfortunately passed away almost five months ago. The rappers death has touched many and his legacy will always live on.

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On Thursday (Apr 23) Juice WRLD's first posthumous song was announced with a message penned by Juice's mother, Carmela Wallace, and the Grade A imprint.

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The post uploaded to Juice WRLD's Instagram read began "Juice was a prolific artist who dedicated his life to making music."

"Choosing how to share his upcoming music with the world has been no easy feat," the post read in part.

"Honoring the love Juice felt for his fans while shining a light on his talents and his spirit are the most important parts of this process to us."

The post revealed that Juice WRLD's song Righteous" was recorded in Juice's home studio in Los Angeles.

Juice WRLD's girlfriend Ally Lotti shared an emotional tribute, in response to his song being released.

Fans believe this may have been the song Juice teased on social media last summer.Another version of "Righteous" also leaked online back in 2019, shortly after the rapper's death.

You can listen to the song now on all major platforms. Watch the Steve Cannon-directed music video for the track below.

Juice WRLD - Righteous (Official Video)

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