Future claims it "wasn't his intention" to influence Juice WRLD to use drugs

8 April 2020, 16:10 | Updated: 8 April 2020, 16:20

Future opens up about Juice WRLD's death in recent interview
Future opens up about Juice WRLD's death in recent interview. Picture: Getty

"Mask Off" rapper Future has opened up about Juice WRLD's death, four months after the rapper passed away from an accidental overdose.

Juice Wrld's tragic death has touched many. The late rapper sadly passed away by an accidental drug overdose last year. Four months later, Future has opened up about the late rapper in an interview.

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On Monday (Apr 6) Future told XXL in his cover story, that he is still feeling the affects of losing the "Luicid Dreams" rapper. "Still to this day, I’m heartbroken" Future said.

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"Rest in peace to Juice Wrld. He’s a great artist. He had so much more to do" Future told XXL.

Future opened up about the passing of Juice Wrld, who died of an accidental overdose on oxycodone and codeine in December 2019.

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Future and Juice Wrld released a joint album titled Wrld on Drugs with Future in 2018.

The rapper, who died at 21-years-old, admitted that it was Hendrix who inspired him to drink lean when he was in sixth grade during a 2018 interview.

In the 2018 Vulture interview, "That’s the first thing I told [Future]," Juice said in a 2018 Vulture interview about being introduced to lean through the "Mask Off" rapper.

"He just was like, 'Wow'. He kinda apologized"

Future reflected on the tradition of artists making drug references in their music, after being asked about his influence on Juice Wrld.

"It was so many people that came before me that talked about drugs from rock ’n’ roll stars to pop stars to people aware of other artists going to rehabs and aware of other artists’ overdose and there is so many other people that was a part of this world way before me," said Future.

Juice WRLD and Future collaborated on a joint project back in 2018
Juice WRLD and Future collaborated on a joint project back in 2018. Picture: Getty

Future admits that his delivery and charisma may have made the music's message easier to consume.

However, he says helping steer people toward the path of addiction was never his plan."Me having an influence on that, I just feel like...that is not my intentions," he offers.

"My intention was just to be me. I’m just being me and what you get from it is what you get from it"

"but at the same time, I wouldn’t want no one to go through anything to harm themself or to bring death to theyself and Juice Wrld is a touchy situation.

The Atlanta rapper continued "I’m heartbroken by the whole thing. My heart goes out to his family, his mom."

Following on from Juice Wrld's death, many other hip-hop artists have been victims of drug related deaths.

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Since June 2018 and this past January artists such as XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle and Juice Wrld all passed away as a result of either drug overdoses or gunshot wounds.

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