Juice WRLD's girlfriend Ally Lotti reflects on memories with rapper during touching IG Live

28 April 2020, 17:31

Juice WRLD&squot;s girlfriend says the rapper "sends her signs" in emotional IG Live
Juice WRLD's girlfriend says the rapper "sends her signs" in emotional IG Live. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Late rapper Juice WRLD's girlfriend Ally Lotti says he's still "with her" and "shows her signs" during tearful IG Live.

Juice WRLD's unfortunate death last year took the world by storm. The rapper was only 21 when he passed away. His music lives on forever and he will forever touch many hearts.

Juice WRLD's first posthumous song ‘Righteous' drops four months after rapper's death

A heart that is still grieving and mourning such a great loss, is that of his girlfriend Ally Lotti, who recently took to Instagram Live to share memories of the late "Lucid Dreams" rapper.

Juice WRLD girlfriend says he “sends her signs” in video

On Monday (Apr 28) Lotti went on her Instagram to share with her and Juice's fans that he sends her signs from his after life world.

"I know J's with me," she said in the video as she began to start crying

She continued "I'm so thankful. I know he's always with me, but when he shows me signs it really just gives me the motivation. I'm so blessed and thankful for that right now. So blessed."

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During the live, Lotti also talked about being "so proud" of Juice WRLD while thanking the his fans for supporting his recent posthumous release song "Righteous."

Lotti continued "I just want to make you guys so proud," Ally Lotti said while crying.

"I don't know if you guys know, but I have nothing to do with—when I first got with Jarad, I didn't want anyone to think I was with him for his money."

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She added "I had my own money. I have my own money. I did not need Jarad for that. I wanted Jarad for Jarad."

For proof, Lotti claimed she had Juice WRLD's lawyers make a document showing evidence that she didn't want anything from the late rapper while they were together. 

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"I just want our memories, I want our story," Ally stated as tears ran down her cheeks. "I just want our music and the music that he made for me."

Lotti's main point was made clear, when she said "That he wants you guys to hear. And that's what I'm putting myself into. Not for anything else. I get nothing out of this, just so you guys know, and I don't want anything out of this... Literally that's it."

Watch the IG Live of Ally Lotti revisiting memories of Juice WRLD above.

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