Jeezy’s girlfriend Jeannie Mai speaks out after getting trolled with "hurtful" Coronavirus insults

13 February 2020, 15:53 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 16:05

Jeannie Mai addresses the Coronavirus insults she has been receiving
Jeannie Mai addresses the Coronavirus insults she has been receiving. Picture: Getty/The Real

Jeannie Mai reveals she has received xenophobic insults, accusing her of having Coronavirus.

The Real talk show co-host Jeannie Mai has received xenophobic insults aimed at her, since the coronavirus outbreak emerged from Wuhan City in China.

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As death toll climbs for victims of the respiratory disease, the internet has reacted with humour and many memes have been created about the Asian community– many of which are racist.

Rapper Jeezy's girlfriend, Mai revealed that she has been getting attacked online and reports have joked about her having the coronavirus.

During a segment of The Real, Mai said "When Jeezy and I were in Fashion Week just recently and there were pictures posted, I saw in the comments on other blogs a couple times of like, 'Don't be catching that [Coronavirus] Jeezy,' or 'She got that [Coronavirus] that latched him in,'".

"That's so hurtful because there are people that are actually dying from this.""We know that misinformation coupled with fear leads to xenophobia," Jeannie added.

Jeezy's girlfriend explained "Xenophobia is a deep-rooted fear against foreigners. So, we just gotta do better and know, when it comes to yourself, educate yourself so that you don't give life to fears."

Loni Love went on to clarify that Coronavirus isn't airborne disease and also encouraged Asian community to speak out and share their stories.

Adrienne Houghton also chimed in and said that people need to stick up for others when they hear racist or bigoted remarks.

Watch the clip of The Real above. What do you think of Jeannie Mai's reaction ?

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