Hip-Hop fans praise weatherman's "hilarious" viral Roddy Ricch cover during live forecast

20 February 2020, 13:06 | Updated: 21 February 2020, 13:32

Weatherman performs Roddy Ricch parody during live forecast
Weatherman performs Roddy Ricch parody during live forecast. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Weatherman Nick Kosir remixed Roddy Ricch's huge hit 'The Box' using weather-themed lyrics during his live forecast.

Watching the weather on TV is generally pretty boring - how exciting can someone telling you how it's going to be really hot/cold/windy/wet be? Well, one weatherman has turned that idea on its head as he's using Hip-Hop songs during his forecasts.

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FOX 46's 'Morning Meteorologist' Nick Kosir is using Hip-Hop instrumentals and delivering his weather forecast over the top, with Roddy Ricch's song 'The Box' his latest brilliant effort.

Kosir's 'The Box' remix hears the weatherman rap, "Put some rain boots on your socks/The rain's gonna drop like a lot/Bust an umbrella out the box/Today, the drip's gonna drop/And it just isn't gonna stop/It's gonna pur the whole dang day, it's gonna get raaaaaiiiiinnnnnyyyyy".

The weather reporter's Roddy Ricch remix has impressed Hip-Hop fans around the world with many flooding his Instagram account with positive comments. One wrote, 'Nick you are hilarious mannn' whilst another added, 'I wish all the news cast people had your kinda energy entertainment and fun with what u do and love'.

Roddy Ricch isn't the only rapper Nick Kosir has covered during his weather forecasts recently as the FOX 46 broadcaster also used DaBaby's song 'Toes' during a forecast.

During his DaBaby parody, Kosir raps, "Man it's so cold we're gon' see snow and ice/So if you leave the house later, man it won't be nice/Better not pull up with no coat cuz temps will drop tonight/That's my forecast, that's my forecast, and there's no warmth in sight/Spit a loogie on the ground and it'll turn to ice".

After receiving over 400,000 views on his most recent forecast and thousands of positive comments from Hip-Hop lovers, fans will be hoping to see more from the new internet star, although it's unclear which rapper he'll parody next.

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