Footasylum Locked In Season 4: All The Cast's Social Media Accounts

8 November 2023, 16:13

Foot Asylum Locked In Season 4: All The Cast's Social Media Accounts
Foot Asylum Locked In Season 4: All The Cast's Social Media Accounts. Picture: Foot Asylum

By Anna Suffolk

Footasylum's Locked In is back and here is a look at all the contestants and their social media accounts.

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Footasylum's reality show 'Locked In' is back for its fourth season, which features with 10 content creators spanning from YouTube to TikTok stars battling it out for a prize of £10,000.

The group are 'locked in' inside a lavish house for 14 days, with no access to their phones, social media or outside interaction. They partake in challenges in order to win points, and the contestant with the most points will scoop up £10,000 for a charity of their choice.

With new episodes of Locked In coming out every night from 1st-14th November, we take a look at all the cast and their social media accounts.

The 10 contestants together.
The 10 contestants together. Picture: Footasylum
  1. Ash Holme

    Ash Holme is a presenter, actress and content creator, who has more than 1.6 million followers across her social media.

    Instagram: ashholme

    TikTok: ash_holme

    Ash Holme is a content creator and singer.
    Ash Holme is a content creator and singer. Picture: Footasylum
  2. Tennessee Thresher

    With over 1 million followers across her platforms, Tennessee is a model and social media influencer that likes to share her beauty/skincare/fashion tips with her fans, and took part in a boxing match with PaigeyCakey earlier this year.

    Instagram: tennesseethresh

    TikTok: tennesseethresh

    Tenessee Thresher
    Tenessee Thresher. Picture: Footasylum
  3. Danny Aarons

    Danny Aarons is one of the most popular FIFA community, and has built up a following of over 3.5 million followers across all his platforms.

    Instagram: dannyaaronsfut

    TikTok: dannyaaronsfut

    Danny Aarons.
    Danny Aarons. Picture: Footasylum
  4. George Baggs

    George Baggs is a TikToker and ex Gogglebox star, and frequently appears with his older brother, Joe.

    Instagram: georgebxggs

    TikTok: georgebxggs

    George Baggs
    George Baggs. Picture: Footasylum
  5. Kaci-Jay Conder

    Kaci-Jay Conder is the eldest daughter of the Dad V Girls family.

    At the age of 18, she has success across multiple platforms with a combined following across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok of over 2.8 million!

    You’ll find her vlogging her daily life or sharing her make-up routine with her hugely engaged followers.

    Instagram: kaci.jay

    TikTok: kaci.jay

    Kaci Jay
    Kaci Jay. Picture: Footasylum
  6. That's Watson

    26-year-old Watson has gained a huge following as a result of his hilarious music video parody skits and sketches on Tiktok, and has over 7 million on that platform.

    Instagram: thatswatson

    TikTok: thatswatson

    Thats Watson
    Thats Watson. Picture: Footasylum
  7. Shannon Langdon

    Gaining popularity for her entertaining lifestyle content and challenge videos, Shannon regularly collabs with Footasylum favourite Bambino Becky and has gained over 250,000 followers across all platforms.

    Instagram: shannon_langdon

    TikTok: shannon_langdon

    Shannon Langdon
    Shannon Langdon. Picture: Footasylum
  8. Fu Izzy

    Entertainer Fu Izzy is good pals with Yung Filly, and has racked up over 280,000 followers across his platforms.

    Instagram: fu_izzy

    TikTok: fu_izzy

    Fu Izzy
    Fu Izzy. Picture: Footasylum
  9. Madam Joyce

    Host of her own podcast Cocktails & Takeaways, Joyce has interviewed the likes of Nella Rose, Megan Thee Stallion and Adeola Patronne to name a few, who has over 150,000 followers across her social platforms.

    Instagram: madamejoyce1

    TikTok: madamejoyce

    Madam Joyce
    Madam Joyce. Picture: Footasylum
  10. Starplayer

    The cousin of Chunkz and regular feature on Sharky's podcast, he will bring sharp whit and dry humour to the house.

    Instagram: starplayer

    TikTok: _starplayer1

    StarPlayer. Picture: Footasylum

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