DaBaby slammed over "disrespectful" comments on flight attendant's hair

20 April 2021, 11:59 | Updated: 20 April 2021, 12:01

DaBaby shames flight attendant’s hair in viral video

The "Masterpiece" rapper has come under fire after poking fun at a flight attendants hair in a viral video.

DaBaby has received backlash online after a video of him dissing a flight attendants hair went viral.

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On Saturday (Apr 17) the Charlotte rapper posted a video to Instagram Stories shaming a flight attendant for her hairstyle.

In the clip, DaBaby and a group of people are sitting on a plane as he records a flight attendant walking down the aisle, poking fun at her appearance.

The caption read: “We ain’t finna act like she ain’t just jump outta bed.”

In the video, DaBaby can be heard saying “We gon’ pay all that for the flight, you gon’ comb your hair,” directly to the flight attendant.

“That’s the least you can do. Bottom line" he added.

DaBaby has received backlash after mocking a flight attendants hair
DaBaby has received backlash after mocking a flight attendants hair. Picture: Getty

DaBaby received backlash on social media after the video went viral on blog sites. One fan took to Instagram and wrote "She’s there to do her job, not be your eye candy," said one commenter.

"This isn’t funny at all," another user wrote.

Another user added "She is a working woman, you don’t know her and to comment on a woman’s appearance. You don’t know what she had going on this morning."

A Twitter user wrote "The way people mistreat service workers will always say so much more about them than they realize. This is disgusting."

See other fan reactions to the video DaBaby shared below.

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