Bugzy Malone Addresses His Infamous Feud With Chip During Homegrown Interview

8 August 2018, 16:35

Bugzy has broken his silence about his feud with Chip...

Bugzy Malone has publicly addressed his infamous feud with Chip during a new interview.

The Manchester rapper, who traded a series of brutal diss tracks with Chip in 2015, has explained that their feud was good for the UK music scene.

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“It was good. And in situations like that, if you don’t take yourself too seriously then you understand that you’re making history in those moments.”

Bugzy also added that although their feud was savage for each other, the Grime scene benefited overall.

“We single-handedly developed a lot of the attention that went onto Grime music because something real was happening in there. Something really could have gone wrong.”

@officialchip Cash Motto 🇬🇧GAME CHANGED 🖤

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“A lot of the attention then came back because two people were brave enough to criticise and put each other down.”

Earlier this year, Bugzy and Chip surprised fans by taking a picture together.

The pair met in person for the first time, following their lengthy feud and decided to squash their beef.

Listen to the full interview with Bugzy Malone during Homegrown Show With Robert Bruce this Saturday (11th August) at 4pm.

Bugzy Malone's new album 'B Inspired' is set for release on 17th August.

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