Top Boy season 4: release date, cast, trailer, plot & more

3 August 2020, 16:05

After landing on Netflix following a six-year hiatus, Top Boy returned last year to widespread praise. But what is in store for Dushane, Sully and Jamie next?

Top Boy returned last year after six years of absence, and the resurgence was met with a hugely positive response from old and new fans alike.

After Channel 4 cancelled the series back in 2013 after just two seasons, Drake - a big fan of the show - decided to bring it back to life, teaming up with Netflix for a ten-part revival.

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Ashley Walters and Kano returned as Dushane and Sully, respectively, while newcomer Michael Ward earned widespread praise for his role as new kid on the block Jamie - he went on to win the 2020 BAFTA Rising Star Award.

But what's next for Top Boy? The latest season was left on a cliffhanger, so fans are eagerly anticipating a fourth season of the London-based drama. Read on to find out more.


Will Jamie leave prison and join forces with Dushane?
Will Jamie leave prison and join forces with Dushane? Picture: Netflix
  1. Release Date: When is Top Boy Season 4 coming out?

    Netflix have confirmed Top Boy season four (okay, it's technically season 2 of this new wave, but you know what we mean.)

    "Confirmed: Top Boy s2 is happening!!" they tweeted on 26 Feb. "What we can tell you: – production starts this spring – Dushane, Sully, Jamie and Shelley will return (!)" along with a zipped-mouth emoji.

    So, filming is expected to start pretty soon. Although Top Boy was off-air for a whole six years before its hotly-anticipated return this year, it's unlikely that fans will have to wait that long for season 4.

    There are many unanswered questions left hanging in the air following the final episode, strongly hinting that a follow-up isn't too far away.

    Early reports on the new Netflix signing suggested that it was a two season deal, so we could be looking at season 4 landing as early as September 2020.

  2. Cast: Who's in Top Boy Season 4?

    Ashley Walters will return as the show's patriarch Dushane, while Kano (real name Kane Robinson) will reprise his role as Sully.

    Michael Ward is expected to portray Jamie, Little Simz will portray Shelley, and Jasmine Jobson returns as the formidable Jaq.

    Hope Ikpoku Jnr and Araloyin Oshunremi reprise their roles as Jamie's brothers Aaron and Steph, respectively, while Keiyon Cook comes back as Atz.

    There are, of course, characters that will likely not be returning. In episode four of the last season, we see Jason, played by Ricky Smart, meet his tragic death in a house fire. After betraying Dushane, Dris was shot by Sully in the final episode (although fans have pointed out that, while we heard the gunshot, we didn't actually see Sully shoot him.)

    Mercury Award winner Dave's portrayal of the manic escapee Modie earned high praise after the show dropped. However, his character met a gruesome end after Sully's acid attack left him partially sighted - he was shot by police after his dangerous driving left him out in the open.

    Lauryn, played by Saffron Hocking, is currently in hiding, so it's unclear whether or not she'll make a return next season.

  3. Plot: What's going to happen in Top Boy Season 4?

    At the end of the last season, Dushane offered a lifeline to an incarcerated Jamie, who landed in prison after taking the blame following his brothers' arrest. After obtaining footage of Atz placing a backpack of guns in Jamie's home, Dushane gives Jamie an option - work for Dushane and join his organisation in return for the footage that will clear his name, or stay in jail.

    But can Dushane trust Jamie? Remember, Jamie overthrew Modie and Leyton to rise to the top of the ZT's. Would he do the same to Dushane and Sully?

    Speaking of Jamie, his brothers Aaron and Stefan are currently left without their older brother protecting them. Stef's best mate Atz betrayed them in the final episode, and now that Jamie is aware of this, we'll have to see how their situation pans out.

    Dushane's blossoming relationship with Shelley, his mother's carer, developed steadily through the season, suggesting that the kingpin may finally be ready to settle down, and possibly father his own children like Sully and Dris.

    At the end of the season, Shelley was harbouring a shaken up Lauryn at her place. Lauryn, sister to the show's matriarch Jaq, was beaten up by Jaq after it was discovered that she had leaked vital information to her boyfriend, Leyton, resulting in shooting attempts at Sully. After being faced with death, Lauren was told by Dushane to leave Summerhouse - he even passed money on to Jaq to send her on her way - but did she actually go?

    Next up, drug addicts Lee and Sarah who, at the end of the series, were revealed to actually be undercover police officers. They're aware of both Jamie and Dushane's gangs, so could they rumble both organisations?

    Will Sully and Dushane remain on top?
    Will Sully and Dushane remain on top? Picture: Netflix
  4. Trailer: When will the Top Boy Season 4 teaser drop?

    The full trailer for season 3 dropped around a month before the season aired, so this could be mirrored with season 4. We'll keep this page updated with more news, photos, videos and more. Keep your eyes peeled!