Rihanna Amazon documentary: release date, trailer, how to watch & more

4 May 2020, 15:59

Rihanna&squot;s documentary is "coming soon"
Rihanna's documentary is "coming soon". Picture: Getty

A documentary on Rihanna's personal life and rise to fame is on it's way. Infact, it has been confirmed the project will be coming out "soon".

Rihanna's highly anticipated documentary is almost here. A teaser on Twitter has circulated social media as a fan account shared the first look at the project.

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Back in December last year, it was reported that Rihanna had snagged a $25 million deal with Amazon for the rights to her new documentary.

The documentary will give viewers an in-depth look at the superstar's life and journey. Find out more details about the documentary below.

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  1. What is Rihanna's documentary?

    What is Rihanna's documentary?

    The Peter Berg-directed project has been described as a documentary which will offer an 'inside look at the personal and professional life of Rihanna.' 

    The very first image for Rihanna: Volume One shows the singer/entrepreneur/fashion designer in the studio.

    Director Berg has reportedly been working on the project for a number of years.

    The director was given an all-access research the star's history and present, which gave him over 1200 hours of footage to create the documentary.

    Berg previously worked with the 32-year-old songstress back in the 2012 with the 'Battleship' thriller movie.

    Though the project was presented to multiple distributors, streaming services made the biggest bids for the highly anticipated project.

    Endeavor Content reportedly began showing off footage of the project during Cannes before fully securing their deal with Amazon.

    Prior to this documentary, Rihanna has been involved in several Amazon Prime projects.

    Last year, Rihanna starred in the famous Donald Glover project 'Guava Island' which was produced by Amazon Studio.

    RiRi's Fenty X Savage lingerie show was streamed exclusively on the Amazon last year this September.

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  2. What is the trailer for Rihanna's documentary?

    The trailer of the documentary has not been released yet. However, Film 45 has given more insight as to what the documentary will include.

    Rihanna's doc includes a lengthier synopsis: "Peter Berg’s bold and innovative Rihanna is an unfiltered look into Rihanna's life, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists."

    "With unparalleled access into the singer’s life and over 1200 hours of footage, the doc takes us on a journey through private insights into Rihanna’s personality and humor, philosophies on work, family and love that are both moving and inspirational."

  3. When is the Rihanna documentary going to be released?

    While there's no official release date as of yet, expect the doc to be available on Amazon "soon."

    The documentary will be "coming soon" to Amazon according to Film 45's website, which includes some new details about the film.

    Back in December, Berg spoke about the process of shooting the documentary. He revealed that he filmed some parts of the documentary while travelling around Europe with Rihanna over the span of two years. 

    "That was a fun change of pace," Berg said, "to go travel with Rihanna around Europe, and Rihanna is surrounded by girls. We were in Nice [France]."

    "She was going to do a concert on Bastille Day. And that truck driver who killed all those people plowed through them right in front of our hotel. So even in me trying to do something light, I had a very, very front-row seat to something that horrific.”

  4. How can we watch the documentary?

    There documentary will be released via Amazon streaming services.

    This article will be updated with necessary streaming links.

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