Nicki Minaj forced to cancel 'chaotic' and 'overcrowded' meet-and-greet

12 July 2022, 13:21 | Updated: 12 July 2022, 14:16

Nicki Minaj dances with her team

The rapstress begged fans for calm on the streets of Camden in London.

Nicki Minaj pleaded with her fans on Monday (11 July) before her meet-and-greet in Camden was cancelled due to overcrowding.


Fans of the 'Anaconda' rapstress flocked to KOKO after she announced online that she would be at the venue from midday, following her headline show at Wireless Festival on Sunday evening.

Nicki Minaj was seen attempting to access her meet-and-greet at KOKO in Camden.
Nicki Minaj was seen attempting to access her meet-and-greet at KOKO in Camden. Picture: Getty

However, according to various reports, Nicki, 39, arrived many hours late to the event, by which time so many fans had gathered to see her that she was unable to safely enter the venue as they had surrounded the vehicle she was travelling in.

At one point, Nicki could be seen hanging out the window of the vehicle and waving at fans. She was also pictured attempting to enter the venue surrounded by police officers, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

"Police were contacted by venue staff beforehand concerned about significant crowding outside," the Metropolitan police confirmed to The Independent, "Further police resources had to be deployed to keep public order and close roads."

"In the interests of safety the event managers took the decision that the event would not go ahead."

Police officers were reportedly deployed to close the roads and manage crowds as Minaj and organisers cancelled the event due to safety concerns.

"My babies I love you all so much," Nicki wrote on social media following the incident, before thanking the police officers for their help, writing, "Thank you to the officers for helping us so much today."

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